DW comp special 31 Oct Kunninmindz

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    Kunninmindz Monday 31st of October
    DW competition special
    for the first time ever
    3 DJ's with 3 different sounds & loads of free stuff to give away, all crammed into two hours of pure, intense DnB nirvana

    Stylie - old skool
    Brainwash - jungle
    Mistic - new skool

    only on www.kunninmindz.com
    & free tunes up for grabs so don't miss out

    Iso-Tank releases
    Dark Wax has gone global and teamed up with Isolation tank a new digital label based in Canada, featuring DnB artists from all over the world. There list of artists is growing and their website is impressive if you haven’t already checked them out, get over to www.Iso-tank.com/ now. You won’t be disappointed.

    Darkwax Old Skool Show - 17th Oct 05
    Last weeks DW old skool show on kunninmindz turned out to be something rather special but you don’t have to take my word for it cause its been archived. You can download the full two hours of old skool - DnB perfection, now @ http://www.kunninmindz.com

    Free DW Mix Sets added to site
    2 new mix sessions available now @


    tracklistings coming soon