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    On Thursday 6th of August, we are doing an event to promote DVS MC. The event is going to be 3 hours long, held at Club Nsomnia and focused on the fun that can be had on a Thursday in an intimate environment.

    At 11.45, there will be a dancing completion, featuring music from Micheal Jackson, right through to Justin Timberlake. It’s everyone’s chance to let their hair down and bust their best moves on the dancefloor.

    After the dance off, we launch into a Drum & Bass attack from MC DVS, featuring Rollercoaster DJ, Lazee KD. After this, we welcome top New Skool DnB DJ Ruffstuff, who will be playing that latest Dubplates from the baddest producers at the moment.
    **Also, we will be taking pictures on the night to use for the Rollercoaster Photoshop.. so if you're interested in having pictures taken and your photo's worked on, make sure you come looking reallly dapper and a photographer will use the outisde area of the club as your own special photoshooting opportunity.**
    10pm sharp Meet at Brixton tube station and be escorted on the 2min walk to the venue
    10.02-11 Warm up DJ
    11-11.45 Dance off
    12-1 Lazee KD & DVS MC
    1-2 DJ Ruffstuff

    Entry to this event is just £1 all night long for everybody.
    Nsomnia Nightclub
    9 Brighton Terrace, Brixton, London, SW9 8DJ

    Travelling to the event
    By Tube Brixton is the last stop on the Victoria line. Once you exit the tube station, walk straight across the road in front of you and turn left. Keep walking until you get to Natwest Bank on your right hand side. The club is behind Natwest Bank.

    By Overground Rail You can get to Brixton from Victoria or Opington by overground rail. Check it out. Once you get off the overground rail, walk towards the high street and turn left, walk till you get to the tube station and then follow the instructions above.

    By Bus Buses run to and from Brixton 24hrs a day

    More information
    So, start saving your pennies, put the date in your diary and join me for £1 well spent.

    If you're a girl, wear something pink and you'll get a FREE gift from the promotions team on entry.

    For more information, email me at dvsmc@rollercoasternewz.com or claire@rollercoasternewz.com

    Or just listen to all the FREE recordings that i'm about to post in this event listing ;)

    Or check out my personal weekly updated blog www.dvsmc.co.uk/dvsblog.html

    or the Rollercoaster blog at http://rollercoasterlive.blogspot.com/