dutty bonkers dub mix by dj5treetr4t


Feb 8, 2011
orange county, ca
alrite look.... im 5treetr4t off a label cantcatchthecrooks i produce my own choons but recently got into the disk jocking steez soooo TO GET TO THE POINT if any one I MEAN anyooooone needs a dj PLEEZ HIT ME UP. I WILL WORK FOR TUNES/ XPOSURE money is not in the question.....I JUS WANNA HEAR LOUD MUSIC OFF LOUD SPEAKERS IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN....biggggups to anyone that took time to read this on that note.....heres a mix!

https://soundcloud.com/5treetr4t%2Fcantcatchthecrooks-sub-and :rofl:
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