dustep or dnb

DnB by far, Dubstep's still in it's early stages, needs a bit of evolution. Don't get me wrong, do love a bit of Dubstep and there's a whole variety of different stuff going on out there, but also a lot of samey stuff, whereas DnB's had a long time to cook and there's a whole host flavours to choose from!

Oh, you were just asking what kind of mix we'd prefer... Sorry, thought you were asking which genre we loved more! FAIL.

Sammy Dexcell

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im really feelin dnb that breaks down into dubstep. best of both worlds lol

But as far as the genre's representatives go, (i.e the ppl makin music for there scene) i dont think the sound is as crisp and clean as dnb.
I think dnb is evolving massively with producers constantly takin it up a step.
But sayin that house an electro is by far the cleanest production on the scene. There all rich enough to afford the studio equipment that u normally only get access to if u can pay for it or u got 'connections' anyway ive gone well of topic, ill stop ramblin now lol :weirdo:

Love dubstep but will never even come close to dnb for me.Went 4ward vs. Rinse Fm@The End the other day after years of goin Ram Records nights there n it just didnt compare. Some dirty tunes played but just didnt have that high speed bad boy vibe u get in dnb, everythin bit too chilled n sedated for my likin...felt fuckin surreal after ravin to dnb in the same room for years. tend to leave dubstep for when im chillin with sum k....may change my opinion after outlook festival this summer tho!