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May 25, 2009

Well.....Its that time of year again where Breakbeat's finest come together for the annual BREAKSPOLL awards in London,UK and Dusted Breaks has been included in the shortlist for BEST LABEL We would be most honoured if you could once again vote for us.

We know that the competition is a completely different level to 'Best New Label' but we believe we have upped our game 120%, since 2009 and have brought even more amazing tunes to the table, both in original releases and the remixes! We have been lucky enough to get the likes of ELITE FORCE, PLAZA DA FUNK, KOSHEEN, CUT LA ROC, VANDAL, SHUT UP & DANCE, KRAYMON, B-PHREAK, plus so many more.

We hope you agree with us and if you do think we deserve a vote then please go here BREAKSPOLL VOTING If we win or even if we get nominated, there will be a big party to celebrate and some seriously amazing giveaways for all of our fans and followers!

We've had ten top 20 hits on beatport, a couple of top 10's, two number 1's on trackitdown, and a long staying No.1 on DJDownload with Curl & Deans remix Of Kraymon's 'Bring It On'

We know we couldn't have done any of this if it wasn't for you guys buying our tracks, supporting our artists and voting for us when it was needed, so just as a token of our appreciation, here are a few free gifts for you to get your teeth into! They included a super phat bootleg by REFRACTURE of Underworlds dance classic 'Born Slippy', plus we have a massive downloadable DJ mix from the Bristol crew of WAYS & MEANS, which includes some unreleased material from the guys, as well as some bangers, which im sure you will recognise from their current releases.

We're also giving away a brand new showcase of some of the best releases from Dusted Breaks over the past 12 months, all in one hour long downloadable DJ mix from Dusted's head honcho LEE MARTIN




If you need a reminder of what exactly we have done since we won last year, here is a link to our entire back catalogue, which you are free to preview and get some idea of what we are about! DUSTED BREAKS LABEL PAGE

Out of all these tunes we have released in 2010/11, we have two remixes shortlisted and again, if you agree with these, or any of our tunes for BEST REMIX or BEST TRACK Then please do vote.

...The shorlisted remixes are,


We would also love for you to help out our artists REFRACTURE and WAYS & MEANS who have been hotly tipped for nominations in the BEST NEW PRODUCER catergory, and not without good reason!!

REFRACTURE is only a young guy, but has already a serious number of releases and remixes under his belt and has already cut out his own unique sound, which has made him as a regular in the Beatport Top 10, with his highest chart position to date, a NO.2 with 'Falling Apart' which came out in December 2010 on Dusted Breaks. At the tender age of 22, you can definitely expect many more years of super phat melodic breakbeat to come!

WAYS & MEANS are also new to Breaks, but having been around other genres making music for a number of years, they decided to hit our great genre of music, drawing influences from techno and drum n bass and always thinking of the dancefloor when making the final cut. We have heard them put together some of the most polished productions around right now, and because of this they can boast every single track released a hit in the top 100 of beatport's Breaks chart, as well as several top 10's, and a few No.1's on other digital download stores.

If you think that either of these guys are worthy of a vote (And im sure you do!) Please vote at the link provided above.
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