Durham nightlife


It don't mean shit
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May 1, 2010
when I was last there I didn't see any clubs, lots of bars though - it's got a lot of students so there must be some things going on


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Oct 2, 2008
South London
full of inbreds m8

My misses is from Durham... and your right :teeth:

Nah seriously tho, Durham is alright for a night out... not for DnB or anything so much but they are building lots of new places. The love shack is probably the biggest club there, it's your typical chart house / r&b / hip hop type place if you want that kinda thing. (There is a Spoons & also a slug right near it for cheap drinks)

There are some good bars if you look around, I can't remember the names of half of them tho.

If your looking for DnB or anything else it might be worth jumping on the train to Newcastle, it only take's 15 mins or so.
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