Duo Infernale – Closer / C4C – Makes Me Wonder (Duo Infernale Remix) [INF002] out now!

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    Forthcoming on the 15th of June 2015 on Infiltrator Records (INF002) - available formats: Vinyl / MP3 / WAV

    Release Note:

    Duo Infernale are back with a new heavyweight release on Infiltrator Records. With tunes like Feeling Blue, Pipe Dreams and Lost In The Worlds on labels such as Soul:r, Timeless Recordings, Dispatch, Shadybrain, as well as Horizons and being featured on Marcus Intalex top selling Fabric Live CD, Duo Infernale made a heavy impact on the Drum & Bass scene over the years - with airplay on L Doubles 1Xtra Show, BBC Radio 1 & Baileys Intabeats and support from DJs such as Bailey, Kasra, SKC & Physics, Pendulum, Fresh, Adam F, Swift, Bryan Gee, Flight and many more. With their new release on German label Infiltrator Records they continue with another high quality, deep and soulful record, featuring TripHop artist Panic Girl on *Closer* and a remix of Cause4Concerns *Makes Me Wonder*.

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