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Adam Qadamon - Put it in the box

I was there, when Eons ruled the world and for now, I am back. So that is why my age is a million of years and also not even 5. That's the way how Adam Qadamon would possibly answer if you would ask him about his age. But one thing is certainly true: Adam made an unmatchable start-up into the arts- and music-scenery throughout the last 5 years. The all-rounder Adam Qadamon just hit it off as he danced inside the shadows of the fine arts where his omnipresence could be felt despite his concealment. He's able to yell aloud without making the slightest sound just by his mere presence. Same thing about the brutal street- and performance artist that he is. As of his music, his works will shake your legs with a decent minimalism that expands to the max. So today, Dunkelstrom pronounces that after one year of making contact, we finally won Adam Qadamon for our label and together we will stand for a new beginning. His work becomes reloaded!

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I got an Adam Qadamon B2B Robotsharkfrance29 with MC Johny Deaf Tech Folk Set from 1982 which is pure fire...
That set is BIG! I'll do some swapsies with you. I got DJ Ian "Lovejoy" Macshane B2B Bergerac with MC Fissplaps, blue grass dubplate throwdown set. Bergerac even serves up some gully bars. It's bare classique.