Dungeons & Dragons


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Mar 4, 2002
I see this board now has a built in Dungeons & Dragons type game. Is there a special page that I have to go to play?

HP = Hit Points aka How much damage I can take or how much I can inflict. I forgot, I was never really into D&D however I bought the Monster Compendiums when I was a kid, I was just into the zombies and skeleton monsters, I could give a toss about playing the game.. Ohh well.

MP = Magic Points, I guess if your a wizard like Grooverider you will have a Magic Points power up meter.

EXP = Experience Points, How much this power up bar is filled depends on how many battles you've won. You can also buy swords, sheilds, booze, potions and other midieval goodies at the shop with EXP points. At least that was the case in Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System (Mega drive for you UK ppls). I wasn't that great at that game. It wasn't till I got the addapter for the Game Gear that I really started playing it. I ended up getting quite far in it.... Till the frikken battery died on me..... GRRRRRRRRRRR!

So how bout it? Lets play. I want to get to level 3 so I can take on the boss monster DJ Phantasy. :gun: :evil: :slayer:
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