Dungeon Bass Sessions #3 (dark/neuro/halftime DNB)


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I am very happy and excited to present Part 3 of my Dungeon Bass sessions mix series. This is definitely the best mix I have ever done and it's loaded with crazy dark and neuro drum and bass as well as some halftime. Listen, download, and enjoy. I promise it will rattle your brain


1. Ivy Lab-Ozbo (Original Mix)
2. Rockwell -'09 track (Original Mix)
3. DLR, Signal-Dangerous Humans (Original Mix)
4. Alix Perez, Skeptical-Vault (Original Mix)
5. Halogenix-Suit (Original Mix)
6. Alix Perez, Fracture-Archetype (Original Mix)
7. Alix Perez, Chimpo-Dead (Original Mix)
8. Sabre-Holy Water (Original Mix)
9. Monty-Tribes (Original Mix)
10. Monty-Far Side (Original Mix)
11. DLR-Pyoyb (Original Mix)
12. Total Science-Skinz (Original Mix)
13. KRSPY-Glitch (Original Mix)
14. Mako, DLR-Anxiety Attack feat. Mako (Original Mix)
15. Ulterior Motive-Hey Judas feat. DRS (Original Mix)
16. Alix Perez, Stray-Sludge (Original Mix)
17. Chimpo-War Tanker (Original Mix)
18. Posij-Killer (Original Mix)
19. T>I-Six Mile Bottom (Original Mix)
20. Enei, Kasra- Projections (Original Mix)
21. DLR-Trip Up (Original Mix)
22. Dub Elements-Dope (Original Mix)
23. Monty-48 Hours (Original Mix)
24. Mako-Daggy (Original Mix)
25. Ulterior Motive, Ben Verse-The Real Ft. Ben Verse (Original Mix)
26. Ivy Lab-Cake (Original Mix)
27. Sam Binga-Drank (Original Mix)
28. Kumarachi, Sl8r-Feelings (Original Mix)
29. Enei, Kasra-Look Ahead (Original Mix)
30. Kasra, Mefjus-Decypher (Original Mix)
31. Calyx & TeeBee-A Day That Never Comes (Break Remix)