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I've been wondering can u guys tell me like what are the basic part of a dnb/dubstep track.Most of u'll probably say that its what u feel,but hey every track got its basics
as far as i know its:
1.Drum beat
2.Bassline (maybe few diff)
3. Synth (and if some1 can explain what is the difference between the bassline and the synth i'd be thankful)
4. some one shots
5 Maybe vocals and leads?
6. Drop
I'm aware of these.
how u arrange them what comes after what and stuff


(sry for the english or any grammar mistakes)
Basic components for D&B in my opinion are drums and bass. The clue is in the name! A few other miscellaneous sounds (FX etc.) are pretty essential too. A synth lead is certainly not essential, nor are vocals.

'Synth' is short for 'synthesis' so, in that respect, all the sounds that you are creating are 'synth'. I think what you are referring to is a 'lead synth', which can be utilised or not, up to you.

The standard sequence of D&B is intro - drop - breakdown - drop - outro (generally speaking) but there are no rules, do what sounds good.


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U've alrdy been told about the arrangement part. As for what are the basic sounds used, that depends on what kinda dnb u will be making. For example many minimal tunes are made only of drums(mostly built from single hits), bassline and sound fx. For liquid dnb the melody is very important, soft vocals and dreamy pads are often used too, drums usually have flowing percussion whithout any sudden changes in rhythm. Many oldschool jungle tracks are made with drums based on the amen break and 808 kicks for the bass etc. etc.