Drum & Bass Duburban Poison Fokus FM Neurofunk DNB Podcast July

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    Listen: https://soundcloud.com/duburban-poison/fokus-fm-july-neurofunk-dnb
    Dload: https://soundcloud.com/duburban-poison/fokus-fm-july-neurofunk-dnb/download

    This months fokus fm podcast brings yet another energetic neurofunk dnb set. We mix the old school neurofunk heads such as calyx & teebee, spor, noisia and unkown error and mix it with the new school neurosounds from the likes of joe ford, neonlight, mefjus, receptor and emperor. This is just a small taste of what to expect on our fokus fm shows every tuesday evening 7-8pm UK GMT.

    Undertaker - The Upbeats
    Ignition - Spor
    Facade - Noisia
    Renegade (Optiv Remix) - Maztek
    So Real (Mefjus Remix) - Kasra & Enei
    Drop It (Optiv Remix) - BTK
    Drum Circle - Ulterior Motive & FD
    Mainframe Ft. Gusto - EBK & Octane & DLR
    Tearing Us Apart - Calyx
    Flip Funk - Unknown Error
    City 17 - Joe Ford
    Mythos - Inside Info & Mefjus
    Beyond Reality - The Upbeats
    Some Other Funk - Spor
    800 Pound Gorilla - Neonlight & Receptor
    Monolith - Emperor
    Make Your Choice - Calyx & Teebee
    Do Not Shake - Spor
    Knock You Down VIP - Spor

    Free download 320 MP3.