Dubstep Dubstep Store Patches Vol 7 60+ Patches!

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    Yesterday we released our final pack in the Dubstep Series. This new pack contains 60+ patches, loops and more! You get:

    40 New Massive Patches Containing Wobbles, Sub Basses and Leads.

    20 New Albino Patches Containing Wobbles, Leads and Basslines.

    10 New Drum & Percussion Loops.

    We have taken the best of our series and created 60 new unique patches that will be the ultimate in sound design and engineering.

    This pack will be the daddy of the lot! We would also like to take time out to thank everyone for the support. You are the reason we keep producing these fantastic packs!

    16Bit Reverse Wobble
    Bar 9 Hi Pitch Wobble
    Bar 9 Wobble 1
    Bar 9 Wobble 2
    Bar 9 Wobble 3
    Benny Page Bass
    Benny Page Lead
    Clipz Fidget Bass
    Clipz Lead
    Clipz Lead 2
    Datsik Pad
    Datsik Pad 2
    Distance Pad
    DJ Fresh Lead
    DJ Fresh Wobble
    Doctor P Pad
    Doctor P Synth Lead
    Donny Nightmare Lead
    Ed Rush Pad
    Hatcha Wobble
    Narrows Garage Bass
    Netsky Electro Stab
    Newskool Dub Siren
    Nightmare Pad
    Nightmare Reese
    Nizmo Electro Bass
    Nizmo Wobble
    Original Sin Pitch Down Reese
    Original Sin Saw
    Rusko Vowel
    Shy FX Jungle Sub Bass
    Shy FX Lead
    Skism Growl
    Skism Wobble 1
    Skism Wobble 2
    Stenchman Ripping Bass
    TC Pluck
    TC Wobble
    TC Wobble 1
    TC Wobble 2

    BT Lead
    BT Lead 2
    Datsik Robot Sex
    Grime Short Bass
    Hazard Atmosphere
    Hazard Bass
    Kano Bass
    Launch Bass
    Limewax Saw Beast
    Martyn Pad
    Nero Atmosphere
    Nero Chord
    Netsky Bass
    Netsky Bass 2
    Netsky Detuned Pad
    Netsky Lead
    Skrillex Open Hat
    Subfocus Pad
    Subfocus Chord
    Subfocus Sweep

    Grab it here:

    Youtube Channel:

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