Dubstep Dubstep Store Patches Vol 6 (NI Massive)

Our New custom pack is now available after so many emails requesting more custom patches!. Thanks to you all for the support!

This pack has been compiled of Nizmo's own custom patches. Ranging from nasty Reece's to all out war leads and saws! Here is a list of the new presets:

Patches Included In The Pack:
Clipz Lead 2
Clipz Lead 3
Commix Growl
Commix Pad
Current Value Filtered Reece
Current Value Scream
DJ Fresh Reece
DJ Fresh Wobble
Downlink Wobble 2
Downlink Pad
Downlink Pad 2
Hazard Reece
Hazard Sub Bass
Kanji Kinetic Saw
Kanji Kinetic Wobble
Nizmo Pad
Nizmo Wobble
Original Sin Gritty Bass
Tech Itch Growl
The Others Wobble

All our patches are quality made with lots of low end and EQ'd just right. Layer a sub under any sound and you will get a clean and crisp response on any size system. Trust me when i say this pack is HEAVY!

Grab it here:

Youtube Channel:

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