Dubstep Mix - Kongkast # 158 – feat. INFRA (Dubmarine / Berlin, Germany)


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Feb 27, 2008
Hong Kong

Finally! We’re back after a delay due to unforeseen reasons, but, we’re back with a very special guest mix from a newer producer we have picked up on. This week on Kongkast – We bring to you one of the Berlin, Germany’s Dubstep Producers - INFRA (Dubmarine, Impulse, F4TMusic, Shadowdub / Berlin, Germany)

We were first introduced to INFRA’s music through our very own Elemiz, who was pleasantly surprised by INFRA‘s deep dark heavy sounds.
INFRA tunes consist of solid pumping Halfstep rhythms, brought to life by analog drums morphing into synthetic impulses and hypnotizing synth coloured atmospheres, that resonate in your head long after you hear them. With a background as a drummer for more than eight years, it is only natural that INFRA’s beats have a very high resolution in depth and therefore feature a lot of details and density to create thrilling sensations.

In summer of 2011 will release the SONIC EP that encapsulates his style of Dubstep. The EP includes a track that is completely situated on the darker side within the deep Halfstep universe and features F4TMusic boss M3T4. Other collaborations include working with SPECIES, known for his shocking Darkstep tunes, with whom he has his first vinyl release on SHADOWDUB, coming later this year.

Many thanks to INFRA for this exclusive mix for us at Kongkretebass!

More on INFRA, head to our website >>> [url]http://kongkretebass.com/kkblog/?p=2907[/url]

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KONGKAST #158 – feat. INFRA (Dubmarine, Impulse, F4TMusic, Shadowdub / Berlin, Germany)

(title - artist – label)

01. Hiiragi Hitsuji – Denshi No Niku (Feat. ILL_K) – Onibaba
02. INFRA – Station 403 – Forthcoming Shadowdub
03. Requake – Near Reality – Tsunami Audio
04. Datastix – Bees On A Boat (ILL_K Remix) – Forthcoming Tanztrieb Tonträger
05. Forensics – Trauma Feat. Indi Kaur (Kulture Remix) – Bass Punch Records
06. INFRA – Rupture – Forthcoming Shadowdub
07. Black Sun Empire – Kempi (Killawatt Remix) – Unknown
08. Killeralien – Mental Stretch (Species Remix) – Gamma Audio
09. INFRA – Nordic Underground – F4TMusic
10. Species and INFRA – Grizzly – Forthcoming Shadowdub
11. Killawatt – Hypertension – Unknown
12. Kryptic Minds – Chosen Few – Swamp 81
13. Species – Distance Operation (INFRA Remix) – Forthcoming Shadowdub
14. Forensics – God’s Hands – Methodology Recordings
15. 1Way – Superstition – Badmood Recordings
16. State Of Bass – Obscurity – JopStepDivision
17. Jack Sparrow – Dune – Tectonic Recordings
18. Rob Sparx – Bloodbath – Z Audio
19. Triage – Datashrapnel – Shift Recordings
20. Asbo (Loefah and Sgt Pokes) – Dog Money (Lovemix) – Tectonic Recordings
21. 1Way – Blue Tech – Badmood Recordings
22. Distance – Ill Kontent – Tectonic Recordings
23. Myrkur and m3t4 – Ether – F4TMusic

More about INFRA on our website [url]http://kongkretebass.com/kkblog/?p=2907[/url]
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