[Dubstep/Metal] Phyxion UK - Convergence

sounds like some faggy skillrex shiznay to me. sorry buddy. not my thing.
sounds like some faggy skillrex shiznay to me. sorry buddy. not my thing.

take that as a compliment.

drums sound good, progression of the track is nice. overall the production could be improved to make the track have more impact, but what you have is a good start definitely. i can hear loads of little details already tho so nice work.
^ I dunno if you're being sarcastic, and even if it's not your thing Skrillex was an early influence of mine. I can't say I listen to him much these days but I definitely wouldn't be making the same kinda music if it weren't for him so yeah, that is quite a compliment to be compared to him!

And thankyou junglistguy2221, I'm still a little iffy about my kick and snare so good to know the drums worked for you :)
Nah I wasn't being sarcastic at all bud.

Ok well thanks for your feedback man :) To be completely honest, I can see exactly why a lot of traditional dubstep fans aren't into Skrillex. Like I said i'm into other stuff now and i'm pretty sure I will soon view him as nothing more than a starting point, but yeah no denying he has had an impact on me.
yeah, i got into dubstep many years ago. so im just being a bitter asshole :P

It's not that i think he's shit. He's good, i personally just don't like his music that much, dubstep or not dubstep. Just like I don't like Bring Me The Horizon.
Well at least your being honest Elmaruk, I hear tons of people saying that the music he makes is shit just because the person in context doesn't like it. Even then something can be extremely well produced, whether you like it or not. That being said I kinda like this tune, good sounds. The drums sound crisp and clear, the bass sounds are good, nice vibez, you got it mate! Well done.
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