Dubstep: Fused Forces - Subsplash Mix - Feb 2010!!!

We are playing at this months Dubstep Mayhem in Brighton along side Headhunter on the 27th Feb, so the peeps at Subsplash asked us to do a guest mix. Packed to the brim with Fused Forces dubs, collabs and remixes (many of which are exclusive!!!). We tryed to cover as many different styles of our production as possible...

Download Here: http://subsplash.co.uk/downloads.php

Hope ya all feeling it, any feedback and comments much apreciated.


1. Fused Forces - No Reality (Forthcoming Police In Helicopter).
2. Fused Forces - Chemical Reaction (Dub).
3. Fused Forces - K-Hole (Forthcoming Substance Abuse).
4. Fused Forces feat Riko - Ease Off (Dub).
5. Fused Forces - Earthquake (Dub).
6. Fused Forces & Dj Cable - Law Man (Dub).
7. Roommate & The Bassist - Rub A Dub "Fused Forces Remix" (Dub).
8. Fused Forces - Back Fire (Substance Abuse 003).
9. Fused Forces - KetalHead. (Dub).
10. Afterdark - Torment Dement "Fused Forces Remix" (Dub).
11. M2J - Silent Running "Fused Forces Remix" (Dub).
12. Fused Fused - Life Cycle (Forthcoming Substance Abuse).
13. Fused Fused - Yeah Yeah (Dub).
14. Fused Forces - Subway (Dub).
15. Fused Forces - Who U Dealing With (Forthcoming Substance Abuse).
16. Fused Forces - Immoral (Dub).
17. Fused Forces feat Sdot - Angry (Dub).
18. Fused Forces - Henry (Dub).
19. Fused Forces - Mole Gripz (Dub).
20. Fused Forces - Gentlemens Jacks (Dubs).
21. Fused Forces - Body Farm (Dub).
22. Matt Green - Black Forest "Fused Forces Remix" (Forthcoming Base.Corrupt).
23. Fused Forces - Disjointed (Forthcoming Substance Abuse).
24. Fused Forces - Dirt Fist (Dub).