Dubstep Dubstep Essentials 2013 Vol.7 – Various Artists


Dubstep Essentials is back, now with Volume 7! This new album comes fully packed with 25 of the most sensational dubstep releases ever to be combined in a single release. With massive, ground breaking artists such as Tetrix Bass, Alibye!, Dubnium, Voltage, Teminite, Bass Case, ZOOn'r, Seriph & Mad Zombie,.plus many more. This album is guaranteed to rip the roof of even the toughest party. Every track on this album is like a piece of dubstep artillery, and are going to be blasting out of speakers with more power than an atomic weapon. If you are in need of some quality tunes to make sure your party goes off like a bomb, you need Dubstep Essentials Volume 7. ESSENTIAL DUBSTEP LISTENING!

Available to purchase here: http://www.beatport.com/release/dubstep-essentials-2013-vol-7/1137314
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