[Dubstep] DRTY - January 2011 [Icicle/Vivek/Goth-Trad/Distance etc]


Sep 16, 2009
Apologies if this is the wrong section.... Didn't know whether to put it in 'The Underground' or here :/ Anyway, check it!

New mix for the new year! roughly 45 minutes of quality dubstep for your listening pleasure! If you enjoy it, please take the time to leave a comment or post it about so others can too!

Feeling Better - Forensics & Wrexile [DUB]
The Others & Distinction - Under_Score [RINGO]
Skream - Rollin’ Kicks [TEMPA]
Widowmaker - Trailing the Mist [AUDIO DOUGHNUTS]
Truth - Perfect Combination [PROMO]
Matt U - Double Blind [BOKA]
Ben Verse - Flip the Coin [WHEELYDEALY]
Icicle - Minimal Dub [SHOGUN]
Eleven8 - Caladium [PROMO]
Vivek - Strategy [DEEP MEDI]
Kryptic Minds - 768 [TECTONIC]
Truth & Ben Verse - Under Current [AQUATIC LAB]
Magnetic Man - Perfect Stranger Feat. Katy B (Benga Remix) [COLUMBIA]
Icicle - Anything [TEMPA]
Reso - Abyss [PROMO]
Conquest - Forever [DUB POLICE]
SP:MC & Youngsta - Unidentified [OSIRIS]
Forensics - Endgame (Two Oh One Remix) [DUBKRAFT]
Bandicoot - Inner Thoughts (Widowmaker Remix) [DUB]
Distance - Victim Support [CHESTPLATE]
El-b - I Feel (Caski Remix) [PROMO]
Goth Trad - Two Face [DEEP MEDI]
Zillion - Shadows of Dreams [DUB]

Shouts to Forensics, Widowmaker, Eleven8, Zillion, Russla, Subsoil, Tasca, Dafu, Dubnium, Enter, Drumfunk, all the Ninjas, and all the Bournemouth crew.

Also BIG thanks to Stefanie Mikus-Marx for allowing me to use her image. Check her stuff here; http://marikonoir.de/

AIM: DRTYdubstep
Twatter: @DRTYdubstep
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DRTY/358127256751


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Also, if you're in the South (UK); Dorset & surrounding areas swing me a demo; I'm running an event with Russla called SUBSOIL and we're always on the look out for fresh talent :D

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