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Oct 25, 2010

The summer of 1798, two elderly English musicians and farmers called Daisuke (大 辅) Lekker and Yu (ゆう) Benson (they are of Japanese descent) they fell unconscious touching a magnet stone semicircle shaped where they could read something set in stone: "Subsidy for you " (Then possibly the stone was a payment of any owner to the church). And they had a strange dream, where they could see and hear the future of centuries later.

Within the dream, they were able to attend many events, but the people of his era didnt believe them. They were delighted with the electronic music. and they tried to imitate the music they heard in his dream, but maybe the sounds were too advanced for the era they lived, so the people labeled them insanes

The twenty-first century, a weekend in the mountains, 2 electronic music producers found that magnetic stone , they could see the future culture. and now they reflect these influences in their futuristic productions, under the name of DUBSIDIA producing Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Electro.

Dubsidia make music for DJs and dance-floors that is interesting enough to cross over from the clubs to your MP3 player

>>>>>>>>>>>> www.myspace.com/dubsidia

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