Dublins106.4FM 2nite@12mid-DJ Class-A &guestmix from DJ Konnekt (Belgium)


Check out E.S.P. tonight at 12 midnight on 106.4FM in Dublin & surrounding areas and worldwide on the net @ http://homepages.iol.ie/~rnl102/fuaim.html

& click on live stream.

For the 1st half of the show I'll be starting with a varied mix of dnb. Expect to hear the light & the heavy, the ruff & the smooth & the old & the new.

Then I have a guest mix from DJ Konnekt (Belgium). He has been Djing since 1997 and used to mainly play techno. In 2000 Konnekt – playing out under the name “EX” back then – joined a group of likeminded friends who were throwing techno parties. From 2000 onwards he helped organize the infamous Casino Royale parties in Herentals, Belgium with acclaimed guests such as Surgeon, Paul Damage and Inigo Kennedy. Throughout his techno years Konnekt performed at various parties including Technomite, Phuzionz, Technodome and a spot at Kozzmozz’s YTC room. Over the past few years whilst he was becoming disheartened with the techno scene, and the direction in which it was going, his love for drum and bass kept getting stronger and stronger. As a long time follower of the music he’d already acquired a fair record collection and gathered insight in interesting artists and labels. As far as musical preference goes Konnekt is very keen on the deeper and darker side of drum & bass with techno, trance and house influences.

Tracklisting for DJ Konnekt's mix:

Alex Phountzi feat. Xantoné Blacq: Another Way (M.I.S.T. Remix) (Funk of Fury)
A Sides vs Calibre: People of Tomorrow (Eastside)
MC Conrad & Makoto: Golden Girl (Instrumental) (Good Looking)
Alias: Can I (Critical)
Basic Operations: Erasoul (Advanced)
Greg Packer: Music in your Mind (Renegade)
Commix: Vibrations (Creative Source)
Mathematics: Fantasy (Frontline)
4 Hero: 9x9 (M.I.S.T. Dub Mix) (Reinforced)
D.Kay & Lee: One Nation (Hard Edged)
Visionary: No. 9 Dub (Revolver)
Logistics: Deep Joy (Brand Nu)

Tune in/Lock on/Brock out! :slayer: