Ez folks,

It’s time for DubKraft Rec to become a bit more interactive with our loads of new friends!

So we launch today the ROBOTS & CELLOS REMIX CONTEST !

“Robots & Cellos” by Alien Pimp (together with “Oil Man” by Ka aka Implex) is our first release and after more than half a year is still a hot seller on Beatport or Juno Download. This track put us on the map and this is our way to thank the worldwide massive for the huge support that we’ve received!

Rules are very complicated: :)
1. Download the sample pack and knock yourself out until you are happy with the result.
2. Render your remix as 320kbps mp3, upload it somewhere on the internet and send the link to dubkraftrecords (at) yahoo (dot) com before 1st of September 2007.
3. Don’t be a biatch with the sample material! Our mafioso friends would be happy to cut your nipples off if you do, but we’d rather not. :)

Prizes: the winners will get the remixes released on DubKraft Records and they’ll get half of all profits we make out of these tracks. There can be up to 3 winners, depending on the amount and the quality of the submissions. The release will be digital, but depending on what future brings and the support we’ll be receiving, wax is not out of the question.

We’ll take as much time as needed to properly pay attention to every track and decide who’s worthy of a release.


The original track can be listened on our MYSPACE and can be bought from digital-tunes.net , Juno Download and Beatport
Ladies and Gents!

We took too much time for it, but it was not for too little…
Lots of cool submissions, lots of guilt for choosing just a few winners, but here they are, in no particular order:

Passenja – for a revigorating twist that makes Darth Vader look like a nice fellow to share a pint with
Don Goliath – for making a dancefloor bouncer fed out of his raga production experience, nothing like the original, but still keeping the original vibe, if you catch my drift
Jah Billa – hells basement is nothing as deep as his remix (the Drums & Dub version, as you called it)

Also a special note to Buckfaster: your work will be considered for a different release option, it’s nothing better or worst than the other, just it didn’t fit in this release as good as the others!

Not to forget JASC, our fellow Romanian who delivered a minimal techno remix already rockin the disco, soon to be released on the forthcoming sister label for straight beats – Shut Down Audio.

So sometime next month we’ll have a dope EP with these 3 fine remixes and a surprise guest remix soon to be announced.

Thanks a lot all participants, you make work on this project more fun than expected!

DubKraft Kru