DubKraft 026: Adult Bass Music Vol 1

trying to shortcut the blah as this is pretty much self explanatory
people with quality subs will enjoy this better
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https://soundcloud.com/dubkraftrecords%2Fadult-bass-music-vol-1-uptempo-edition-preview Tracklist:
1. Angel's Trap by Terry Artovsky
2. Solitary Infinitum by Furi Anga
3. Spacecookie13 by Marginal
4. The Back of the Clock by Terry Artovsky
5. Kubisch (Er.Ic Remix) by Loopguard
6. Numb Pain by Darkhalf
7. Stasis by Alister

https://soundcloud.com/dubkraftrecords%2Fadult-bass-music-vol-1-midtempo-edition-preview Tracklist:
1. Jandub by Balkansky (aka Cooh)
2. Parallel Worlds by Volatil
3. Time After Time by Nehuen
4. Cherise by Roof Light
5. Bloodlines by Emmerson
6. Hollow by Adam John
7. Acid Dub by Alien Pimp

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