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    Dubchamber Records is now booking for their North American tour starting in August featuring R.A.W., CRS?, Direct Feed, Sixfootunda, and Dj Ekim. There are already about 8 dates taken already and there are more going every day so you want to get on this one quick!

    visit http://www.dubchamberrecords.com/na-tour-2010.html and contact us with any questions that you may have.


    R.A.W. aka 6BLOCC is known for his relentless techniques behind the wheels of steel. Getting his start back in 1985, this dj is no amateur when it comes to tuntablizm. He was already battling local djs in Los Angeles before the modern dj culture was even created.

    In 1988 he made his move into the hip hop game with 2 vinyl releases under the name PROJECT X which featured Brooklyn MC, SILKSKI. He went on to film a music video for one of the releases which aired on local L.A. music video shows. That same year he joined the legendary L.A. hiphop radio station, KDAY and spun live broadcasts along with other Angelino djs called HIGH ENERGY MIXMASTERS. During this time, he entered many dj battles including showdowns with Joe Cooley, Tony A. and JRocc.

    This experience has led to the legend we now see on the decks. Incorporating his turntablist skills along with precision mixing and exclusive material only heard in his sets, R.A.W. sets the dancefloors on fiyahh everytime!

    His discography is already close to 50 international vinyl releases with a plethora of mixtape and mix-cd releases that to this day still sell out throughout the year!


    CRS? / Dj Curious Born and raised in Los Angeles CRS? has been in the music world all his life. His father before him being a recording engineer at one of L.A.’s top studio of the times “The Sound Factory” in Hollywood he was practically born in the studio.

    He started on drums at the age of 8 which so happened to be the same year he was first fascinated with the art of Dj’in. At age 13 he received his first pair of turntables and hasn’t put then down since. He has spun in almost every city in North America and has released records all over the world. Including numerous tracks on his own “Herbn’ Music” as well as fellow label mate APX1’s Ghetto Life label. Also being signed to Top Cat's 9 Lives label based out the UK. He produced the hit single "Jah vibes" for Tenor Fly he shows his skills as a producer as well as a dj. CRS? has released over 500 mix-tapes since getting into the drum and bass scene over 18 years ago. His current projects include producing and engineering hip-hop artist Big Bam the Boss an official DPG member and has performed in L.A., Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Portland, Miami, Las Vegas, Toronto, and Hawaii and have opened up for such artists as goldie, DJ Hype, Roni size, Kenny Ken, Grooverider, Fabio, LTJ Bukem, Dj Zinc, Taxman, Brian Gee, J.J. Frost, Total Science, John B., Mobb Deep, KRS-one, Lil’ John, Fat Joe, E-40, Too Short, Nelly, and Immortal Technique to name a few.

    Future projects include remixes of these hip-hop tracks as well as original drum and bass releases ranging from R&B styles to reggae and reggaeton flavors. A true veteran to the west coast flavor, CRS? represents what’s really going on in the streets of Los Angeles. “Our Ghetto". Now spreading the love for our culutre through series of monthly day parties called "I Love L.A." CRS? & Apx1 now give the oopurtunity to bring the L.A. scene together and express our different styles music all under one roof in just under 12 hours.

    The drum n bass scene in Los Angeles would be drastically different if not for the influence of the one like DJ CRS?. He has established himself as one of the godfathers of drum n bass here in the City of Angels. From rocking ol’ skool warehouse events back in the mid and late 90’s to rinsing clubs and massive from 2000 till today, CRS? is a name that frequents the lips of many established DJs within the Los Angeles circuit as an influence. His legacy doesn’t stop short with showcases behind the decks, but also include his production credits. He has roughly 30+ releases and hundreds of tunes he has passed out and played as “exclusives”.

    From the sounds of the dub/reggae influenced ragga jungle to aggressive amen sets even down to upfront drum n bass, CRS? is a rare DJ who has buck’d being pigeonholed and can play any style you want. He is lethal on the decks with the mix, has the ability to implore a jungle scratching technique perfected by few and most important is a favorite of dancefloors across the country. Recently (along with label mate APX-1) he ventured to South Africa to embark on a tour which literally “shut shit down”!!! Don’t sleep on this LA don.


    Direct Feed has been a part of Dub Chamber Recordings from the very begining. His sound has helped mold the sound of the label.

    When interviewed he had this to say about his career as a Producer and DJ: "In addition to my solo releases as Chaos In Motion and Direct Feed, I am 1/2 of the production duo known as Fixation as well as 1/2 the production duo known as Aurora Sound. Look out for vinyl releases and upcoming gigs all noted in my above blogs. I have been heavily invovled in the Los Angeles DNB scene since 1996. I started by reviewing parties and mixtapes for www.junglevoodoo.com. I half responsible for club EVOLVE which gave a lot of locals their first good time slots around town. I have since moved on to producing and I am not looking back. DJ support from: Spikey T of Congo Natty / ERS-1 / Mumblz / Axis & Trank / Unknown Error / GEIN / RAW / CRS? / General Malice / APX-1 / Cenobites / Audio-1 / Slyten / Jayvon / Oscar Da Grouch + loads more."


    Founder of Dub Chamber Records, as well as a DJ and Producer, SIXFOOTUNDA has been into Jungle and Hardcore Techno since 1994. His style ranges from Old Skool to New and Unreleased Dubplates, including many of his own.

    SIXFOOTUNDA has 3 releases available on Vinyl from Dub Chamber Records, and 1 Vinyl release on Toxemia Records. He also has 6 Digital Releases on labels like Drop Sound Recordings, Raggatek Records, Hum Fi Drum, Warlord Dubplate and Dub Chamber Digital. Be on the lookout for new releases coming in 2010.

    Dedicated to promoting Jungle, SIXFOOTUNDA has thrown many events in the Southern California Area starting in 1995 with Emazing, FreeMazing, Hard To The Core,Total Eclipse, Reverberations, Sound Wars, The Dub Chamber, Return To The Dub Chamber, H For Hardcore,The Voyage, Bass Goes Boom, Locked and Loaded and continues to throw events in the San Diego, CA area.


    DJ Ekim started his musical career in and out of hardcore and punk bands in the Cleveland scene in the early 90s. With this introduction to the music scene, it was only a matter of time before he was exploring the underground dance scene and began to DJ jungle. After perfecting his skills on the decks and rising to the top of the Cleveland scene, DJ Ekim became a resident at Club Metropolis, but soon decided to make a move to Florida.Hoping to utilize the larger Florida scene to make a bigger impact in the DJing world, DJ Ekim quickly established himself in the Tampa area by becoming a DJ for Florida’s largest record store, Hot Wax Records, in Tampa’s Ybor City club district.

    While Ekim was in Tampa he found a lack of support for the ragga scene despite the fact that Hot Wax’s was a major supporter of the junglist movement. The Florida breaks scene still seemed to rule there, so after a few years Ekim kept up his moving and made his way to West Palm Beach where he soon became part of the local scene and took a residency in West Palm’s longest standing club, Respectables. As a result of Ekim’s success at Respectables, Mash Up Crew Miami and Konkrete Jungle Miami took notice of his talent and brought him on to their roster. After establishing himself within Mash Up Crew, Ekim was signed to Urban Anarchy Records,located in Phoenix. Urban Anarchy brought Ekim out for their yearly all systems go to headline on the jungle stage. There, Ekim spun with DJs such as DB, Kimball Collins, Baby Anne, AK 1200, Evol Intent. He also acquired raw spinning dates on the PS2 tour and a wide array of parties that he hosted from Cleveland to Miami. After that chain of successful events, DJ Ekim was finally able to showcase his skills for a record setting crowd when he hosted a stage at the world famous Ultra Music festival in Miami.

    DJ Ekim has recently released his ragga dubplate set containing nothing but unreleased tracks from ragga greats such as tester, the Archangel, and J Bostron (just to name a few). Also with his journey into sound, he is preparing to release his dubstep and minimal house sets. With a recent signing of a few of Ekim’s tracks to junglist manifesto and establishing what appears to be jungles only stateside record pool, DJ Ekim will be a force to be reckoned with in the edm scene in 2010.