Drum & Bass Dubadah - Anonymous, Invisibility...


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I feel like something is missing in the first one, maybe try out some breaks in there somewhere and for the second one the bassline is just right at your face, it feels slightly uncomfortable to be honest. But man, your drums are kicking ass! :)


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With the intro, you should expand the melody on the piano to its chord counterparts to fatten it. I'm not using my usual speakers, so I can't give you confident criticism on the mixdown itself. However, everything does sound clear and loud in the mix from my end. I really feel you have the headroom and compositional room to fatten up the melody on the piano (even after the intro) to chords. 8) I think a more involved melody will definitely help your tune in the long run.

IMO using chords as opposed to single note melodies especially on the piano gives your tune just that more depth. Although, the synths that kick in about 39s seem to overpower the melody on the piano. It maybe personal preference, but the piano should sit further up in the mix. The synths sound good, but their levels may be too high as they're somewhat drowning out the drums. Since the genre here in D&B, I would also say bring the drums further up in the mix as well. The easiest solution would be to just lower the level on the synths and that way you're killing 2 birds with 1 stone (bringing the piano and drums further up in the mix). Your melody in this tune is much more involved and complicated. Good stuff IMO. Keep at it. 8)