Dub War Podcast 07 - Subeena


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Jul 3, 2005
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Dub War Podcast 07 - Subeena


The lady Subeena hails out of London and has been doing exciting things through her diverse production work as well as her Imminent Recordings label. Her mix for the Dub War podcast takes a ride through many sounds and tempos and gives a taste of the sorts of musical ideas preoccupying her these days - from techno to rock to hip hop and lush polyrhythmic ambient sounds....

The podcast is available through iTunes. Click the link above to go directly to the podcast homepage on iTunes. Be sure to subscribe to get automatic updates when new episodes are available! Those using RSS readers can subscribe here: http://www.dubwarnyc.com/podcast/dubwar_podcast.rss


Segal – Lake control (unreleased)
wAgAwAgA – Ambient 1 Sunday (unreleased)
Subeena – 2080 (Imminent recordings)
Shed – Another wedged chicken (Ostgut Ton)
F – 0907 (unreleased)
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Thou shalt always kill (Vaccine remix)(unreleased)
Si Begg – Are you a big boy Dj (DJ Hecq remix) (Noodles recordings)
Subeena – Lluvia (unreleased)
Boxcutter – Cosmic parent (Planet Mu)
Dabrye ft. Jay Dee & Phat Kat – Game Over (Dorian Concept Rmx)
Bullion – Funnybones (One handed music)
Computer Jay – Distance (Ramp recordings)
Pepepe – Dia soleado (unreleased)
Osborne – Bout ready to jak (Ryan Elliott remix) (Spectral)
Traject – 0718 (Creative space)
Capracara – King of witches (DFA)
Wireman – Armour (Prime numbers)
Monster X – Acid bullman (Murder channel)
Cane – T6 (Creative Space)
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