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    Dub Clinique was established through the meeting of minds of both Origin UK's Jamma and Reinforced Records veteran Threshold and it exists to promote high quality music to an audience who's tastes lean towards tunes with depth, soul and perception.

    Dub Clinique imposes no limitations on it's artists believing instead that artists should be allowed the full creative freedom to express themselves on all their compositions. This is what Dub Clinique stands by and this ethos will never change.

    Dub Clinique is distributed by SRD and material from the label is available to purchase from all good music outlets.


    The first two releases are already available to purchase. Links to on-line stores and social pages can be found on the video pages.

    Release Date: 25.02.2013
    Format: WAV / MP3

    Release Date: 10.06.2013
    Format: WAV / MP3​
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