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Welcome to the first Dto4music newletter

For those who don't know, dto4music is an exclusive online download site based in the UK with a firm focus on quality control. Dto4music work hard to bring you first-class music content that you will not find anywhere else on the web, consistently showcasing the finest in raw talent covering Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Jungle Tekno and Electronica.

Its been our first month up and running, we have had an tremendous response to the new site and sales have been through the roof. So, firstly and most importantly, can we send out a big THANK YOU to all who have passed through with their custom and contributions, it is because of you that we are here.

As a token of our appreciation we are offering up (below) 2 months free banner advertising, a free sample pack and a remix competition to get the all the creative juices bubbling out there. In addition to that you will find the Label Focus and Latest Releases sections - which will become regular slots within the newsletter - and a quick introduction to the J-Tek Artist Agency, so read on and above all, enjoy!

Win A Release On Pioneering J-Tek Records

J-Tek Records has been at the forefront of the revolutionised J-Tek sound since its birth in 2007. As brainchild of established heavyweights Modular, Outrage, Digital and Randall, the label continues to push the boundaries of digital music release after release. To date their discography has featured ground breaking tracks such as 'Falling Bombs' and 'Living In A Bassment' from erstwhile partners Outrage and Modular, marking the labels debut release. Other notable successes include Outrage and Digital's darkside collaboration entitled 'Made In England' and Outrage and Modular's remix of Opus 3's early 90's chart topping hit 'Fine Day', featuring the heavenly vocals of Kirsty Hawkshaw.

Due to their astounding success over the past two years J-Tek Records have offered up two of their biggest tracks for a remix competition to the DTO4Music community. The winners of the comp will receive full digital releases of their remixes on the J-Tek Records imprint and the tracks will be available for purchase right here on DTO.

So, take off those sunglasses and get ready for some serious studio-tanning sessions as we give you the chance to remix the following tracks:

1. 'Made In England' - Outrage and Digital's dirty dance floor smash of 2008.

2. 'Listen' - Secret Society's bouncy, minimalist approach to the J-Tek sound from the duo's Street Music EP, released in 2008.

Both Secret Society, Outrage and Digital have expressed their excitement and confidence in the DTO4Music community taking on this challenge so do them proud and you'll find yourself with a release on J-Tek Records alongside some of the biggest players in the scene.

Both remixes will be considered on their individual merit so there may be one overall winner or two i.e. a separate winner for each remix. The winners will be chosen by Outrage & Digital and Secret Society themselves based purely on quality so, as with some competitions, this is NOT a popularity contest. If you have the production and remix skills to impress then your talents will be rewarded.

The deadline for entries is Monday 25th May 2009. The winner(s) will be decided that week and announced on Friday 29th May just in time to celebrate over the weekend.

Registering below for the DTO4Music newsletter will take you through to download all the samples you need to make your mark on the scene.

Comp Criteria:

Entrants must sign up to the DTO4Music monthly newsletter.
Entrants can remix both tracks.
Entrants should ensure that the tracks submitted are remixes and not just new tracks with the odd sample in. Try to keep key elements/vibes of the original releases while adding your own fresh twist! Good Luck!

2 Months Free Banner Advertising and Sample Pack from Pure Tone Recordings

Yes, its been a great first month and with any successful period come the thanks to the people that make it possible, you. So, we have a comprehensive sample pack from Pure Tone Recordings to give away to all the budding producers out there and 2 months FREE banner advertising for our fellow businesses and entrepreneurial minds.

Pure Tone Recordings was set up in 2008 by Tohm Tronic (one half of Secret Society) recognising early on the need for an outlet for the Jungle Techno influenced productions that have been bringing back the rave vibe to venues and festivals across the globe for the last two years. With the absolutely overwhelming response to the J-Tek sound here at DTO, Pure Tone Recordings decided its was only right to give away one of their comprehensive sample packs to the masses. Crammed full of J-Tek styled samples, including deep bass sounds, precision drums, fierce leads and vibrant pads, this sample pack holds everything the modern electronic dance music producer needs to go from inspiration to creation. Why not download the sample pack and enter our remix competition too, a perfect opportunity to put your skills to the test right away.

If you are more of an entrepreneur than an audio production whiz, 2 months free banner advertising will give your business the opportunity to market its product(s) to our vast community of music and audio production savvy consumers - the perfect place to promote events, festivals, album/EP/single releases, audio technology products, etc...

DTO4Music is an exclusive music download site so our customers will not find the same material for sale anywhere else on the Internet. Great emphasis is placed on quality control too so only the best in electronic music will pass through our doors to reach our customers. While many of our competitors pride themselves on quantity of content they leave themselves open to diluting the overall quality of the range of content they can offer. Our focus on quality and exclusivity means consumers can be safe in the knowledge that visiting DTO4Music will be a enjoyable experience where they will find new music of only the highest caliber. This business model attracts consumers that are confident in spending money when they visit our site, an attitude we believe is reciprocated in a consumer's view of our advertising partners.

To put all this into perspective, in our first month of business DTO4Music averaged 300 visits per day (not hits). With minimal promotion of the site on our part this is clearly a huge sign of the future as we step up our marketing strategy and push DTO4Music further into the spotlight.

To get your free sample pack or sign up for 2 months FREE banner advertising all you have to do is register for the monthly DTO4Music newsletter below:

Label Focus

New Label From Randall Called Sub Zero

Dto4music have just signed up a brand new label from Jungle Pioneer DJ Randall called Sub Zero. Randall has supported the J-Tek Scene from day one and decided there was need more labels pushing this sound, plus with many more artists producing J-Tek Randall wanted to offer the best of these an outlet for releases backed by the man himself.

To kick start the label off Randall has signed Skitty and Nolige for the first release. A two track EP

Originate Recordings (2009) "Bringing Jungle Muzic To Life"

Originate is a Future Jungle, J-Tek & Dubstep label coming out the heart of Brighton UK. All material will be released exclusively through throughout 2009/10. Expect a wide range of exciting & open minded tracks from artist's such as : Kosine, X Nation, Theory, Voytek, Escher, Classified Material & L Drift. The tempo ranges on the label are from 140 - 180 Bpm

Djs Supporting the Originate sound at the moment are :
Pilgrim, Outrage, Modular, Double O, Bassline Smith, Bizzy B, Stranjah, Theory, Insight, Grooverider, Crissy Criss Ect.

We are working hard to bring a new and diverse approach to Jungle, Mixing and twisting genres of Reggae, Ragga, Techno, Jungle, Hardcore & Dubstep. Infusing combinations of funk breaks, oldskool rave hooks, rugged basslines & future soundscapes

J-Tek Artist Agency

Introducing the J-Tek Artist Agency with an extensive roster of artists showcasing performers of the highest calibre & experience and innovators of the J-Tek sound.


Randall | Digital | Outrage | Modular | Pilgrim | Tango & Ratty | Top Buzz | Secret Society | AST | Double O


Spyda | Ranski

The J-Tek Agency aims to continues to build successful relationships with promoters by forging professional working practices with the creative ideas and aspirations of our clients. We believe in providing a personal service to both artist and promoter that is second to none and with our extensive network of contacts we can also offer support in other area's of promotion should further assistance be required.


Stage your own J-Tek Records events - J-Tek Records Events Package