DSOUNDZH003: B Soul - Gunpoint


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Greeting to all! We are prodly to present You:
DSOUNDZH003: B Soul - Gunpoint

From the first sounds, the tune adjusts on aggression! Gun reload! Bass force an atmosphere... The beginning of fight...

Release date:
5th September 2006
Deformed Soundz rec.
Deformed Soundz rec.
Juno Digital

B Soul (aka Michael Dmitriev)
It has all begun in far 1995 when all electronic music in our country was called rave. That was the time when he got a strong will and interest to create his own music. The first time he heard that unknown (for him) style of music so called drumnbass was the year 2000. He realized that was the way to go. Right after that his preferences in drumnbass were determined by the heavy sounds of darkside, techstep, hardstep, ragga jungle, IDM... After purchasing a computer in 2003 B Soul started moving exactly in that direction. The next year B Soul founded a promotion crew and called it DarK.ILL, which has gathered many talented Russian producers together. The same year Michael started cooperating with Reviez Family (Moscow promo group) and collaborating with Russian and American producers such as Xpander, Neekie, Parabolic, Protech, to name a few In the near future there are 3 vinyl releases about to come out on Barcode, Hate Recordings and Technogranic Recordings. Right now there are negotiations going on about releasing some of his tracks on Russian labels, and performances in Saint Petersburgn clubs are being planned.
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