DSOUNDZH001: Submerged - too many voices


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Let's blow up Your Brain the first release on Deformed Soundz! HARD, any indulgences! Submerged rushes in your feelings with sharp basses and broken amens!

Deformed Soundz is the first Ukrainian drum'n'bass mp3 label!
A lot of hard work has been done there prior launching this project
and we proudly present our first release!
DSOUNDZH001: Submerged - Too Many Voices demo

We will try to keep several directions in sound:
Drumfunk/Techmo/Atmo etc. - DSOUNDZ000
Hardstep - DSOUNDZH000
Also on our lable will be a section dedicated to unknown talant - DSOUNDZF000
In this section all tunes will be free to download, they are intend for
introducing creativity of unknown(yet) producers.
You can contact us through the section "Contacts", but first you need to register.

We are now accepting E-Gold and Webmoney now. Later, you can find our releases on Juno digital.

WBW Deformed Soundz