DSOUNDZF004: Andy Skopes - Synthetic love


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Hey! Enjoy our next release - DSOUNDZF004!

Artist: Andy Skopes
Title: Synthetic Love
Type: mp3
Release date: 14.03.2007

Hey folks!I'm proud to present you next release from Ukrainian label - Deformed Soundz rec.
Andy Skopes - Synthetic love. Andy Skopes(real name - Andrew Lawrence) was released with his tunes on Renegade records, Jerona Friuts, etc (RDB info). This time he's on Deformed Soundz rec. Enjoy: Andy Skopes - Synthetic Love (DSOUNDZF004)

Forthcoming on Deformed Soundz:
DSOUNDZ008: Andy Skopes - How do you feel
DSOUNDZF005: Dephecta - Dream ripping
DSOUNDZ009: SKY - Elements of Time EP

Released on Deformed Soundz:
DSOUNDZH001: Submerged - Too many Voices
DSOUNDZH002: Idoleast - Eating up the machine
DSOUNDZH003: B Soul - Gunpoint

DSOUNDZ001: Jebar and DK Foyer - Cyberaesthetic
DSOUNDZ002: ICR & Matt-U - Drop everything
DSOUNDZ003: Infuzoria - Flashback EP
DSOUNDZ004: Widestream & Spirit Maze - Through Eternity of Silence
DSOUNDZ005: Solar G - Highway
DSOUNDZ006: Enei - Geometrical 4
DSOUNDZ007: Kubrak - You're gonna need my love

DSOUNDZF001: Jebar - weekend funk 320 free
DSOUNDZF002: Idoleast - no law! 320 free
DSOUNDZF003: Dephecta - Wearing masks 320 free
DSOUNDZF004: Andy Skopes - Synthetic love 320 free

Deformed Soundz rec - Promo mix(Mixed by Strain)
1. Infuzoria - Iceberg (DSOUNDZ003)
2. Infuzoria - Flashback (DSOUNDZ003)
3. ICR & Matt-U - Drop Everything (DSOUNDZ002)
4. Jebar & DK Foyer - Cyberaesthetic (DSOUNDZ001)
5. Solar G - Highway (DSOUNDZ005)
6. Kubrak - You're Gonna Need My Love (DSOUNDZ007)
7. Jebar - Weekend funk (DSOUNDZF001)
8. ICR - Then Just Say Hello (DEFORMED SOUNDZ DUB)
9. Andy skopes - How Do You Feel (FORTHCOMING DSOUNDZ008)
10. Andy skopes - Synthetic Love (DSOUNDZF004)
11. Enei - Geometrical 4 (DSOUNDZ006)
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thanks to: Andy Skopes, Widestream, Strain, Monophonik, etc