DSOUNDZF002: Idoleast - no law!!!


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Greetings to all! We are glad to present you the second free release on our label - Deformed Soundz! Artem "Idoleast" Grishin just begins the career in music but as begins!!! Its tunes smashing dancefloors of many russian cities and outside. Listening to such music it is impossible to remain sitting on a place... Composition of broken drums, a dense bass and poisonous synth give energy on a dancing!

Idoleast - No Law!!! (DSOUNDZF002) [ link ]

We'are sure - you'll feel it! SOON, DSOUNDZH002: Idoleast - Eating Up The Machine! Keep Waiting!

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You can find tunes @ our site, @ Juno.Digital.
Soon @ BeatportOnAcid. :slayer: