DSOUNDZ001: Jebar and DK Foyer - cyberaesthetic


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Hello! We are proudly to represent you a new tune that will win your heart: Jebar and DK Foyer - Cyberaesthetic

Jebar(Skarlygin David) and DK Foyer(Gavrilov Vlad) are old partners. And this collaboration is very productive.This fact is confirmed by their joint tracks that were released on Respect Family compilations and are famous in Russia and all abroad. And they aren't going to stop!

Jebar and DK Foyer - Cyberaesthetic - tune that won't leave you indifferent! Beautiful melody, crazy bass, the right structure of the track... but nuffsaid?+ You've got to listen it yourself! Cyberaesthetic(demo)
Tune is accessible in mp3 and wav formats on Juno.Digital and our site http://deformed-soundz.com :banana: