Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Odyssey

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Sick ass tune, big up Drumsound :slayer: :thumbsup:
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I was wondering who this was by!!!! nastier than a case of the clap!!
SBL an tha drumsound have been putting top tunes out for a while - but this is extreme dancefloor-gurn-you-lil-head-off!

I better hear this NYE @ the Sancturay!
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dnbforum said:

Suprising for Prototype....but still a very bad tune!

I wanna know whatever happened to Rider releasing 'TENDON' - )EIB(.....it could still happen....it could you know! That tune has just as much 'shelflife' as 'Hostile'!

Mez Crimbos 2 all!
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This is the next one......

Only problem is Grooverider is rinsing it far tooo much on radio 1 i don't want this one to get spoiled :outofammo
daaammmm straight

8O damm i cant wait till i get my hands on this 1...... great fukkknnn tune... good old prototype lable yeahh..

haha been feelin this for a while...

friction smashed it by droppin it on the old bingo sessions mixup!!

drumsound bro.. u smashin it up.. u even come on here??


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