Drumsound and Bassline Smith - Drum and Bass Studio Technique Sample Pack


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Drumsound and Bassline Smith - Drum and Bass Studio Technique

Genres: Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Breaks and Artist Series


Modern day drum and bass is more popular than ever before, with new producers constantly raising the bar on production techniques and next level engineering its hard to keep up with an underground scene which is constantly moving and evolving. The Drumsound and Bassline Smith Artist Series Sample CD from Loopmasters is designed to give you the tools and inspiration to write a d’n’b classic and to take your production levels to the elusive next level and hopefully straight in to the drum and bass hall of fame!

Drumsound and Bassline Smith have spent the last ten years working together, building a huge musical library, tweaking their production values and using their combined experience and musical knowledge to create an awesome eclectic collection of samples so you can be sure, as always, that the goods are delivered.

The Leads are Fierce, with Rich Pads and Deep Bass sounds, and the Drums are so Big, Bad and Heavy they will cut through and put the finishing touches to any mix.. Each section provides an intelligent approach to tune arrangement with sections for Drones / Sfx / Pads / Leads and of course Drums and Bass, all mastered carefully to Loopmasters exacting standards to ensure you can start working with these awesome sounds without delay!

“All of our sounds have been carefully tested by us on the packed dance-floors we play on around the world over the last 12 months to ensure that we are giving you the genuine article everytime.. guaranteed!”

In essence, whatever your style, be it dance-floor jump up – liquid funk – ambient or dark, this exclusive collection from Drumsound and Bassline Smith holds the key for any modern day eclectic drum and bass pioneer searching for inspiration and hardcore dance-ability in their productions!

* Over 600Mb of Original Content
* 385 total samples
* 150 Loops available in multiple formats such as Refill, Apple Loops, Acidised Wav, Rex2.
* 18 Bassline Loops
* 63 Drum Breaks
* 10 Pad Loops
* 18 Phantasm Loops
* 39 Music Loops
* 96 Bass Sounds
* 8 Drones
* 32 Drum Hits
* 52 SFX Samples
* 27 Hard Leads
* 17 Pad Sounds,
* 130 Ready to play patches for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, SFZ, EXS24, and compatible soft samplers.


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i signed up but it costs money ffs, last pack from them was free and was not really fantastique so im not buying this. do mention if it costs money or not next time, please.


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now having a good look through this dodgty lookin website.... now if im not mistaken, it looks like someone has either illegaly downloaded or purchased each of the sample packs available and is then selling their own copies on. You can tell this is whats happening as the website asked you to pay a subscription rather than per order. its nice that its purely devoted to dnb but is a complete ripoff if u ask me. in my opinion this is just another warez/ddl website except its trying to portray itself as a propa shop. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SHOP. most of these sample packs can be found for free using the normal dogy methods, but dont end up paying someone else when they probably didnt pay for it in the first place.


why can't we all be friends and send each-other patches and MIDI breaks for every program? It would be so much easier, and allot less illegal. lets get real people.

...and it would obviously keep beginners from struggling with a beat then asking how to do it. we could just send them the MIDI or patch.

Some one start a thread for it, then admin can sticky.



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Ive had this pack for a while and i use the beats all the time, quality sample breaks, get a lot of my kick and snare sounds from this pack :)