Feb 28, 2010
Bruges, Belgium
Not sure if i should put it here but it's a question about the production.
Can someone comment on my drums, And especially on every single aspect, Hats, Kick, snare, and most of all, i put in a ride, but i honestly have no idea how to equalize and Process that. it's a very simple pattern on my ride, but i just want to get tips on how to get them good, I'm struggling most with hats & Rides, I'm feeling my kick & snare are getting better and better (Not saying they're awesome, but there's progress). Sooooo, here's the thing i'm working on.

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Jan 23, 2010
kick is nice, snare is good but needs to be more punchy, try compress it a little, or a little more. try haveing your ratio at about 4 - 6, atcck at about 25ms, reslease at about 5 -10 ms, i used these settings pretty much every time and get a decent result, just play with the threshold til you get the sound you wants, make a ridiculous difference! rides and everything dot need much pattering, just play about abit. its more about the frequency content up there, sounds like you need some or more breaks in there too. copped up amens are allways good! good high range, and or cold sweats. wen your EQing just think logicaly about it. kicks n snare mainly stay about 500 and below, breaks take up the ful range for 300 or 500 depending on how low your kick n snare are, obviously more towards 300 the lower your kick n snare are. all cymbols inc. hats i usualy hp off to about 1khz (ish)use a frequency anayser for your beats. you want tit all the be farilry flat, just a pick peak between 80 and 110 for your kick, and between 150 and were ever for your snare, or what ever it is insted! you can get free ones everware that are good man! KVR audio have some nice ones!

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Nov 28, 2010
Pretty sick matey, i like to compress my drums with a 4-1 ratio with 12 ms attack and about 80-100 release and an envelope shaper with a low attack (like 1-3 ms) also try cutting below 50 hz or wherever the lowest part of your kick is, it just leaves more room so things stand out more. Also if your trying to get more of a punch to your snare just layer another snare sound with a lot of punch and cut the wave file so that you get the punch in the snare without the sound being altered much. Oh and if you run a frequency analysis on your drums you can pinpoint frequencies to drop that arent really affecting the sound and increase volume, normally makes em soudn a bit better. Just experiment ya never no what might end up sounding mint.

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Jan 14, 2009
Doncaster, United Kingdom
ur hi end doesnt need to be EQ'd that much, take out any low end, then its all about voume and panning, panning ur highs is a great way for them to still be present but not in your face and making other sounds confusing!
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