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May 25, 2008
Hello again!
Until now we’ve had podcasts by Vlad Cheis (Big DaBass Promotion - Moscow) and Ross D (Playloop Records/Allstreet Records/Liquid Brilliants – Philadelphia).
This time you’ll be reading about and listening to a mix done by Aleksandar Markovic better known as The Square.


This up and coming producer hailing from Vienna got us cornered (yes, I know, lame joke) with music coming out on labels like
Universal/Human Soul/Fokuz/Vibez/Next Sense/Mindsaw/Influenza Media/Mjazz/Amen Brothers/Onethirty/BlackReigen/Mindocracy/Deep Instinct/Peer Pressure/Ammunition/ Corinthian/Large Music/Liquid Brilliants/Esprit/Thoughts in Audio/Join Da Beat/DigitalComa/Ocean Breeze/MindInside/Darkland/Twisted Noize a.k.a. A LOT!
The list of artists whom he’s worked with resembles to the previous in quantity and, of course, quality, “up and coming” being the keywords to this one also.
Here’s a little interview we’ve had with him that you may want to read while listening to the podcast:

Stefan: First of all... I think most people would like to know: How ever do you find the time to produce as many tracks as you do?
Aleksandar: I think I would need even more time. When I make music I sometimes do a track in 5 hours, sometimes I need 2 weeks. It all depends on how I feel at that moment, but it doesn’t take much time to make a lot of tracks if you have some musical education and a lot of ideas inside your head for melodies, bass lines and drums.

Stefan: Speaking of time, I understand you are very young. Exactly how old are you? :)
Aleksandar: I’m 20 years old now. I start listening to dnb at age 11, and at 17 I produced my first dnb track and never stopped loving the music since.

Stefan: We can see you have releases and tunes to be signed on lots of forward thinking labels. Who or what are you most thankful for, being promoted as you are now?
Aleksandar: Yeah, I have released stuff on 26 labels now, some are bigger and some are smaller, but I’m thankful for every one of them, because all of those people that manage them helped me push my music to the listeners and DJs all over the world. Since I’ve started making music I never thought I will ever have one track signed. Now I have more than 50 tunes released, so I’m happy with how it works now.

Stefan: What hardware/software do you use?
Aleksandar: Reason 4.0 and Cubase and a hardware synth (Roland Juno-d).

Stefan: I know you have lots of collaborations, with Atmospherix, Mutt, Dirrrty B, Eros, m25, Jett, Logam, Rootkush and many other upcoming artists. All via Internet? :)
Aleksandar: Yeah, I’ve worked with a lot of people on collabs. It’s really interesting for me to put music and ideas together from different people in one project. It’s like when you write a song with your band, the only thing is that you ‘play’ more instruments. All this works via internet. I have collabs with people from all over the world and also hope to meet them all one day at some parties.

Stefan: It's impressive that you can create lush liquid atmospheres and then do dark powerful tracks. How do you manage to turn The Square like that? :)
Aleksandar: For me drum and bass is drum and bass, doesn’t matter which subgenre. I make both styles: hard stuff and also liquid stuff. It depends on how my mood is at that moment. If I’m happy, music will also sound happier. I believe that the music comes from the heart and soul, so sometimes we have good days, sometimes we have bad days and this is how I work with my music. In the months of winter it’s hard for me to make a summer feelin’ tune. I think people know what I’m talking about :)

Stefan: Do you make anything else other than drum'n'bass?
Aleksandar: Yeah, I also do house and nu jazz. I’m not a genre hater. I like all kinds of electronic music. I use my real name Aleksandar Markovic as a pseudonym for my house and nu jazz productions, but there isn’t as much music released like in my drum&bass projects. Soon there will be some more stuff released but I don’t wanna tell you more now :)

Stefan: What is your biggest goal in making music? What do you think is your biggest achievement and what is your biggest disappointment since you've began making music?
Aleksandar: I must say I realized my biggest goal; I got a track signed to Universal Music, which is one of the biggest labels on earth. It was kind of my dream and now I’m signed there. I really wanna say thanks to the girlband ´´Anything but Monday´´ which hit me up for an dnb remix which finally got signed to Universal Music. I think there will be some more remixes for Universal in the future.
I never get disappointed with music!!! Also, a big achievement for me was that London Elektricity played my track in a Hospital Podcast back in 2008. Thanks, Mr. Colman!

Stefan: A few words for our readers, our listeners, our producers... :)
Aleksandar: Oh, yes, it’s time for philosophy, hell yeah! All I can say is never give up doing your thing like I did; the beginning is always hard and if you produce dnb, keep strong, the scene is harder than anyone can imagine, and keep pushing your own style and don’t try copying anyone! Amen!

Stefan: What should we expect of the mix and what should we expect of The Square in the future?
Aleksandar: The mix is really deep and liquid. Expect some nice and nostalgic feelings in it; music is always how you are. In the future you can expect some more drum and bass, much more, more than you can imagine and more than that. :)

Interview by Stefan (Scuffle)http://www.myspace.com/struggleinconfusedmannerhttp://www.myspace.com/struggleinconfusedmanner

Drums.ro Podcast No.3 - The Square - Liquid Light Mix


Artwork by DiStress


1. The Square - You & Me [AmenBrothers]
2. Mutt, Atmospherix, Eros & The Square - Without U [Fokuz]
3. The Square & Eros - Without U VIP [InfluenzaMedia]
4. Atmospherix & The Square - When Time Is Over [Unsigned]
5. The Square & Dirrrty B - True Love Indeed [ThoughtsInAudio]
6. The Square - On My Side [ThoughtInAudio]
7. ABM - Still Standing (The Square & Dirrrty B RMX) [UniversalMusic]
8. Glen E Stone & The Square - Close To You [Unsigned]
9. m25 & The Square - Night Is Infinite [HumanSoul]
10. m25,The Square & First Function - On The South (Jynx RMX) [Unsigned]
11. Lm1 & The Square - Dust Storm [Unsigned]
12. Aleksandar Markovic aka The Square - In Fire [Unsigned]
13. Aleksandar Markovic aka The Square - For You [Unsigned]

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repect man nice mix i think it is atmospherix a the square when time is over sick sick:sick: tune man hurting me up:boxing:
thanks a lot mate ! indeed, 'Atmospherix & The Square - When Time Is Over [Unsigned]' it's a hell of a tune o_O. I hardly wait to be released :2thumbs:
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