Drums boring??


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Hey Guys

I've raised this topic previously, on how to make drums.

However, today, I hear a lot of tracks same drum parts all over again, many tutorial same things all over again! It just seems to get boring, with all my love to drum and bass, the beat is loosing it! There are some tracks coming out rarely with something different, no doubt! But the majority just fills the brain!

So, I started this thread, with all my hopes to all of you that still have that passion for drum and bass! Lets share all the details, tricks, tips etc of how making that beat progression successful, doesnt mean it has to be new and innovative, but just bring all those precious thoughts of how to keep Drum and Bass drums alive! I know that everyone has a different approach and you dont get a set way of doing things, so there is the key share that individuality of your production experience please!

Thank you all!


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I've only been listening to dnb for about a year and a half, but it's turned into my favorite genre above all else. A few months ago [maybe 7 or 8 ago] I felt like i was getting sick of hearing the same beat. I'd been listening to it for a while at that point and i was hearing the drums clearer than i had up til that point.

It got to the point where i was asking myself "is this really what i'm listening to?" "yes" was my answer and i love it more from that point on. I only get tired of it after hearing countless bars without music. At some point i do need to listen to something else or nothing all together but that doesn't happen too often, you need to take breaks when you need them.

The way i keep stuff different is i always make a new track from scratch, i rarely build off something i already made. I have tons of loops i paid for, where free, and made myself. I'll use maybe 3 or 4 similar sounding breaks and focus on 1 and arrange that over 16 bars and copy/paste them, then use another one as a main break for another section and use the remaining breaks to splice them in at certain parts. Or i just focus on 1 break, or 7 or whatever.

The drums are [sometimes] my favorite part of making a tune but i know very little about drums in general. I mainly know the basics, i want to learn more though. I like the beat with the snares on steps 5 and 13 the most but it keeps things interesting when you go for a beat with the snares on 5 and 11 or drumstep tunes. I bought an M Audio axiom mainly for the keys, i could have gotten something for cheaper but i wanted a midi controller with the drum squares. I want to incorporate real time drumming but i need to learn more about drumming to do so.

Also you could combine breaks into 1 to keep your ideas coming. I mean, some tunes need the music done first but i've made a lot of tunes just vibing off the drums.

Hope that helped


@ Beggining I build default drum loop with many layers (sometimes 20 layers sometimes 5 it depend on what kind of sound i want fuller or with minimal vibe) then I use Eq on each channel individualy it depend on sound but sometimes I like to pan to left or right side little bit and always add Compressor to whole drum channel as well as add sidechain ( to let kick and snare breath). In some of my latest productions I use some percussion loops from house sample packs (sometimes choped up sometimes not). Plus I use sends and returns to boost some of higher freq. So when i finish all boosting stuff i start cutting and pasting my drumloop to get some variations :), cheerz!


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A little good trick from me would be using different variations of loop playback while filtering them. It may seem so esoteric at first but as an explanation:
Suppose a 8 measure normal 16th 180 bpm +7pitch as your basic rhythm layer. Add a shaker or glitch or something high frequency at the top of it. Pause: In many of the loop or sample playback devices there has to be a control over the speed of the played track in terms of "NOTES" for example if you turn the slider/knob or etc. of the shaker loop to 8th Triplets we will have a strange synchronization of the two loops: for 16th: two measures of basic 'rhythm layer one' means three measures/cycles of the second loop and for 8th: four of the first one equals three cycles of the second loop...eventually after 12 measures you will have a break option when all of your tracks will fall into the cue; easily because 12 is dividable to both 3 and 4.


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can you give me your e-mail?

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http://soundcloud.com/bluntinstrument/twist-em-out-blunt-instrument-crunk-mix-1 There are plenty tons of the glitch version of my trick in the breaks in the second verse of this tremendous track.

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1:31 till the next verse.

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http://soundcloud.com/subprime/last-train-home swingy beat!!


All the songs that are on the drum and bass arena podcast lately are such bull shit. They are just random noises, and a one note "bass". and worst of all its like 120bpm?!?!?! WTF!?!??

IDK where he gets the tracks from but he could just as easily play something of Blame's album and then it would be a dope podcast again. But otherwise i'm sticking with the Dirty Circuit Records podcast