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Daniel Dias

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Jun 27, 2015


Born in the month of October 1979 Daniel Dias began his musical career in 1994, as the teacher his older brother Denilson Dias aka DJ Zigy.
He had his first performance in Cohab City in a local pizzeria, playing a not so common style at the time the such JUNGLE.
Involved with Hip hop groups, but their taste for production emerged in the late 90s with Project X TRIP PROJECT, which has partnered with producer Ketzer then began with cultural events by region.
The desire to play his own music came with Group DNB H.B.R, but had to quit to devote to rock.
Over time he decided to have their independence by creating the seal Spforgotten Recordings.
Has shared the stage with important people DNB movement as Dylan (UK), Robyn Chaos (UK), DJ Zigy, Critycal Dub, Level 2, MS2, DJ Nine, DJ DU, TECNIC, Mutant V, ARTOMIK among others.
As seal owner Sp Forgotten, signing artists like MUTANT V, N.U.L.O, Death & Addams, Breaking Rules and Frazzle.

https://soundcloud.com/drumnbassbr%2Fdrumnbasscombr-podcast-com-death 01- Death & Addams - Ovni (N.U.L.O Remix) (SpForgotten DUB)
02- Klone - Oblivion - (Mindtech Recordings)
03- Machine Code Feat Coppa - Counterbalance (C4C Recordings)
04- Skynet - Mind Eraser (Full Force Recordings)
05- Current Value - Contact (Blackout Music NL)
06- Audio - Shatterdome (RAM Records)
07- Raiden - Citalopram (Tech:nology Recordings)
08- Current Value - Eager Fight (Blackout Music NL)
09- Raiden - La Luna (Renegade Hardware)
10- Audio - Error (Off Key Recordings)
11-Frazzle - What it Takes (SpForgotten Recordings)
12-Counterstrike feat Tripwire - Crushed (PRSPCT Recordings)
13-Brainpain - Modern Warfare (Union Recordings)
14-DJ Hidden - In My Blood (Hidden Tracks)
15-Dylan & Kitech featuring George Noble - Hatred Written In Fire (Yellow Stripe Recordings)

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