drumfunk jungle dnb mix i did for a event coming up


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Jul 12, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
covers some old some new and some pretty under-appreciated jungle/dnb of late
mixes arnt that great but its about the selections

vinyl only of course

morphy - shanty
paradox - dioxide
skeptical - dub sequence
johhny L -moving through air optical remix
fracture and neptune - bad habit
lemon d - this is LA
relapse - do the crab
morphy - uptown special
b key - man of science
jubei - cloak and dagger
noisia - lockjaw
xtra - arise
skeptical - refractions
ed rush and optical - dozer
phuture T - amazon basin
ed rush n optical - wormhole
paradox - paralexia
compound one- get loose - fracture remix
source direct - a made up sound

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