Drumatic - Sleeveless EP (BTS001) OUT NOW!!!


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Cat. No: BTS001
Artist: Drumatic
Format: digital
Release Date: March, 4th 2008

Tracklisting „Sleeveless EP“: (Click here for pre-listening)

1. Sleeve
2. For The Faith
3. Body & Mind
4. Revolvin

It has begun...

"Break The Surface" is now presenting itself as a label and releases music in digital format.

March 4th we are going to release Drumatic's "Sleeveless EP" (BTS001)

The young producer from Chemnitz nearly represents a Calibre of Eastern Germany for us and we are pleased and proud to publish four top-notch tunes produced by him as our first release.

The vibe he creates by using jazz-samples is fantastic and shows how beautiful Drum&Bass music still can sound, without appearing clichéd.

His tunes sound fully developed and are produced to the point. They are paired with excellent arranged and extremely grooving beats. International well-known Artists like Kabuki, Syncopix or Henree already play his tracks for a long time in their sets.

We are very honoured that we can release such marvellous and above all comprehensive tunes on our label.

For one month Drumatic's "Sleeveless EP" is going to be exclusively available in our shop at www.breakthesurface.net starting 4th of March- afterwards also on well-known platforms like Beatport, Trackitdown and Juno.


Email: contact@breakthesurface.net
Web: www.breakthesurface.net
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