Drum Unit Warning@Digital Sunrise '06

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    what up...check it, a So Cal event with Drum Unit Warning

    March 25 (Saturday) – Digital Sunrise by Fission Records

    Area 1 (House,Trance,Hard Trance,UKHH): The Fusion Brothers Feat. Live Visuals (Fission Records) Thee-O(Biohazard)Matt Renshaw & CMJ (Diskonnection), Quervo (Thundercats ent.) Illumin (Illumin ind.) Enso (Diskonnection), Rocko (Rock-On Prod.), Junior Chavez (Oribital Grooves Radio) Area-2 (Drum and Bass), LuckyEight (Fission Records), Drum Unit Warning (Renegade Bass), A.I. (4153e / resonate4fe) SK (Hear No Evil), Fryan (Hear no Evil), Wirdowe (Underground Sound), Rob Bass (Underground Sound), Spike (Hear No Evil), Chavez, and Feat MC Solomon (Sickboy LA / Supernormous Radio / Grapevinez ).STAY TUNED...THIRD ROOM FEAT. HARD Techno/Happy/Hard Cory HOSTED BY ADDICTED EVENTS This event will feature Two Visual Screens, a Seperate Chill Room Hosted by 1W1D, Lazers, Discounted tickets for all Who Set up a Tent and Camp......$20 after midnight. Infoline 562.491.6406, 909-292-6563