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Jan 22, 2009
im having a lot of trouble getting my drum samples to work well together and im pretty sure its because they aren't the same pitch, i know on other daws you can upload say a kick sample and then on the piano roll play the same sample on different pitches. On reason you cannot do this and im just wondering if anybody knows a way of finding out what pitch a particular drum sample is so i can then get other drums at the same pitch and the drums will then fit better together. Or can someone send me a link to a tutorial that explains it i would be grateful.

any help is appreciated

also below is a bootleg ive done of new order - blue monday, the start of the middle breakdown with the vocals needs a bit of work but other than that im fairly happy with it


the vocals, kick, clap and hi hat in the tune above was taken from the original but everything else in that track i have made myself
Hmmm, have you tried to pitch them with spectrum analyzer?

e. Yeah, sorry i get you wrong.. FLStudio includes sampler, how about reason?
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yeah you can pitch stuff up in reason, i just wanna know is there a way of finding out the pitch of a drum sample, i.e so i can get a clap and hi hat of the same pitch which will fit together better rather than just doing it by ears, coz when im doing it just using ears im still not certain they are fitting together well enough
Lostnthesound told this a couple of months ago, here is the quoted post:

Melodyne is great, but you don't really need it though. Open a piano instrument and a spectrum analyzer. Play a note according to your song's root key at an octave close to your drum sound. (example: you want to tune your snare, so play an lower octave on the piano that will peak around 200 hz). When you find the right key/octave, note where the peak frequency is. Now, pitch up your drum until is resembles the peak frequency location of the previously mentioned piano note.


It works!
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