Drum patterns


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Feb 19, 2012
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Ive recently started to play about with logic after buying the traktor kontrol s2 in october. Ive watched plenty of video's and done my fair share of research.

I'd just like to know if anyone has any resources on some typical drum patterns used in Drum and Bass so I can start to get to grips with Logic and the initial production of a drum loop!

So yeah if anyone has any resources they found particularly useful when starting out that would be wicked :D


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Sep 16, 2011
also, if you can put up with his voice, watch some of boyinaband's drum and bass tutorials. (boyinaband.com)

he uses reason, which you may or may not use, so if not it might not be much use, but even if you don't he does a pretty good job of explaining drum and bass drum patterns, such as typical kick/snare patterns, as well as how the top end is layered with hats, rides etc, and he covers three different sub-genres of d&b if i remember rightly. neurofunk, jump up and liquid.


Jun 18, 2011
Auckland - New Zealand
I second the boy in a band chap, he is great for quickly learning the basics of each genre. Other then that guy, Id say just listen and try make some thing similar then you will see how it all goes down in midi and it will be alot clearer :)
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