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    I have been meaning to sell my collection for years having given up djing years ago. The list is below. Apologies about the format - it's pasted straight from a spreadsheet (which I can provide if you message me with your email address).
    All are in excellent condition. There are 181 in total. There are quite a few promos, white labels, albums etc. There are a few that are quite valuable and one in particular I think (SAX15). I'd prefer to sell them all as a collection but will otherwise sell the valuable ones separately (those worth £7.50 plus) and the rest as a job lot.

    I would prefer collection from the Manchester area but could possibly deliver or meet within a reasonable distance. I could post individual titles or a few but probably not the whole lot.

    I guess I have to put a price so will say £350 but that's just because I have to. Please offer me what you think they are worth.

    Thanks, Dan

    Jonny L Piper XL Recordings 10" XLLP120PR
    Jonny L Treading XL Recordings 10" XLBS120
    Technical Itch The Dreamer (Future Forces Remix) Moving Shadow 10" SHADOW99
    Natural Mystic Tension Moving Shadow 10" SHADOW91R
    Current Value Falling Into It Don Q Records DQ014
    In-Deep On Top Hard Beats Inc (Formation Records) HBI003
    Goldie featuring KRS One Digital (Boymerang Mix) Metalheadz FXX316
    Matrix Mute '98 Prototype PRO011
    Spring Heel Jack Casino (Original) Trade 2 (Island Records) TRDS012
    (Casino Parts 1 & 2) Sirens (Hidden Agenda Rehash)
    Blade Repeater Noir Productions NOIR001
    Disorder When Disorder Strikes Position Chrome/Don Q Records PC20,5
    Futureboi Atomizer DQ13,5
    Trace & Nico Cells No U-Turn NUT019
    Sub Logics Logic Audio Blueprint ABPR007
    Cybotron featuring Dillinja Light Years Prototype PRO010
    Brass Wolf - Volume One One Audio Couture AC002
    Technical Itch The Virus Audio Couture AC101
    Goldie Saturnz Return FFRR Records
    Served Chilled Jaquera Hard Leaders HL20
    Calyx Cubic Audio Couture AC001
    Genotype Square Waves Renegade Hardware RH10
    Monochrome & Subphonics Capacity
    Future Forces + Fierce Constant Renegade Hardware RH07
    Future Forces Inc Symetrix Renegade Hardware RH06
    Future Forces Inc Point of Origin Renegade Hardware RH04
    Decoder Elements Second Movement Recording SMR23
    Decoder In My Dreams Technical Itch Recordings TI012
    Decoder UXB Technical Itch Recordings TI014
    Sci-Clone Melt Metalheadz METH029
    Nemesis Featuring D J Kane System Renegade Hardwear RH08EP
    Dom & Optical Quadrant 6 Moving Shadow SHADOW111
    Third Wave Street Walkin Cheetah Criminal Communications CRIM004
    Dillinja/Lemon D Acid Trak Pain KKR002
    Brubaker Black Gyration GY007
    Manifest Immortal Soul Hard Leaders HL016
    Formula 7 & TDK Mechanism Hard Leaders HL017
    Undercover Agent Hypnosis Juice BA175
    Codename John The Warning Metalheadz METH030
    Undercover Agent Incredible Splash Recordings SPLAZH016
    Indica's Rhythm Dimensions Splash Recordings SPLAZH015
    Neo-Tech Valves Moving Shadow SHADOW108
    Twisted Anger Volume 5 Techno Funk Penny Black PBLR013
    Dillinja PGM5 Technical Itch TI016
    Optical Moving 808s Prototype PRO009
    G-Squad Jo Bad Remix Cold Steel CSI001
    Dom & Matrix The Vandal Moving Shadow SHADOW117
    DJ Sebel Test Berlin Connection BCON2
    Embee Secrets Fuze FUZE003
    Chris-E Abyss ABYSS001
    Problem Child Position Chrome 18 Position Chrome (Force Inc) CHROME018
    Pure Instinct Glitch Technical Itch TI015
    Skynet Amorphia Audio Blueprint ABPR004
    ??? HIG02
    Distorted Minds Eventual Hard Beats Inc HBI002
    E-Z Rollers Synesthesia Moving Shadow SHADOW110
    Aquasky Strategy Passenger Records STRA1
    Vortex Granite Hard Beats Inc HBI001
    USA West Coast/East Coast Formation Countries Series 12" COU003
    Dylan Code Breaker Droppin' Science DS14
    Psion Subterrainean Audio Bluprint ABPR003
    Ray Keith Breakage Volume 1 Penny Black Recordings 12" PBLRLP1
    Twisted Anger (Volume 4) Five O'Clock Penny Black Recordings PBLR009
    Cloud Nine Twist Penny Black Recordings PBLR011
    The Advocate Actus Revs: You Talking To Me? Criminal Communications CRIM001
    The Advocate Presumed Guilty Criminal Communications CRIM003
    Machine Code Real Change Protocol PTL05
    Electronic Home Entertainment Hitchcock Delirium Red DELRED019
    Unknown Artist Seven Thunder THUN001
    Decoder Fuse Elementz ELEM001
    Simon & Andy C Mutation Ram Records RAMM18
    Mampi Swift Twisted Charge Recordings 12" CHARGE001
    DJ Red Energize Trouble On Vinyl TOV12029
    DJ Die Special Treat V Recordings VO21
    Vortexion This Side Down Reinforced RIVET110
    Renegade Dark Soldier Part 1 Dread Recordings DREAD15
    Renegade Midnight '96 Dread Recordings DREAD17
    Dr S Gachet Remember The Roller Audiomaze Records AUMR007
    Sub Sequence The Kicker Audiomaze Records AUMR006
    The Advocate Actus Reus Deviant Criminal Communications CRIM002
    DJ SS Bronze Formation BRZ001
    Decoder Pushin Ruffneck Ting Recordings RNT007
    Boymerang Still Prototype Recordings PRO008
    Source Direct Two Masks Virgin Records Ltd 12" QEDT3
    Sun Electric EYA Appollo APPOLLO31X
    Photek UFO Photek PTK06
    Photek T-Raenon OP-ART Records OP1
    Photek Ni Ten Ichi Ryu Virgin Records Ltd QEDT02
    Argonic Future Galactic Four Future Galactic FG4
    The Dark Man Untitled Lines 212 Productions 212010
    Sound Associates (Power Cuts) Metal Fatigue Tortured Records PAIN004
    Henirich at Hart Secrets Chrome CHROME16
    Danny Breaks Conscience Droppin' Science DS013
    Dylan Turbulence Droppin' Science DS011
    Dylan Witchcraft Droppin' Science DS012
    Facs & Dylan It Is Real Based on Bass Recordings BOB005
    Roni Size Reprazent Share The Fall Talkin' Loud TLX15
    (Reasons for sharing EP) Down
    Tripwire Necessities Rollers LR006
    Boymerang Sould Beat Runna Regal Recordings REG13
    (Balance Of The Force LP) Mind Control
    Freestyles Attack True Playaz TPR12006
    Pascal Cool Manoeuvre True Playaz TPR12008
    Dope Skillz No Diggidy True Playaz TPR12004
    Ed Rush & Nico Technology (Boymerang Remix) No U-Turn Records NUT018R
    Kennedy Quartz Timeless Recordings DJ028
    Timebase Outaworld Tearin' Vinyl TEAR8
    Nasty Habits (Doc Scott) Shadow Boxing 31 Records 31R002
    Dom & Roland Mechanics 31 Records 31R003
    Nasty Habits Shadow Boxing 'The Remix' 31 Records 31R004
    Skynet Altered States Audio Blueprint ABPR002
    Funky Technicians Planet Vibe Creative Source CRSE010
    Nico Featuring Makai Omen (Direct Cut) No U-Turn Records NNU2004
    Ed Rush & Nico Proton No U-Turn Records NUTLP01
    Profound Noize Soundscape Under Fire Recordings UDFR001
    Hijacker Virus Autoi Recordings ALIT6
    Interceptor Last Bad Trip (The End Of The Game Mix) Possible DOSS12009
    Duke 357 Gang Rushed Tough Luck 1 TL003
    Safari Mission Impossible Polaroids On Vinyl POLAR001
    Mental Power Gold Formation GOLD001
    Justice & Tertius Chains Modern Urban Jazz MJAZZ5
    LTJ Bukem Earth Volume One Good Looking EARTHLP001
    The Terrorist The Chopper Dread DREAD11
    Artificial Intelligence I'm Giving Electric Aura AURA4
    Earl Grey Earls Groove Rugged Vinyl RUGGED16
    Q Project The Instrumental Looking Good Records LGR006
    Saint Etienne The Sea Heavenly 10" HVNLP16P2
    Source Direct Secret Liaisons Good Looking Records GLR015
    PFM For All Of Us Good Looking Records GLR016
    Intense Only You Creative Source CRSE009
    Intense Positive Notions Good Looking Records GLR016
    Six Degrees Of Separation Etherea Echo Drop DROPT6
    Lightfoot The Potion Echo Drop DROPT4
    Louis Street Summer Smiles Louis Street Recordings LOSTR2
    Underwolves Redeemer Creative Wax CW116
    Axis Shift On Sweet Sanctuary Slate Records 10" SLATE07
    JHQ Get Down Basement Records BRSSCLR002
    Source Direct The Crane Source Direct SDR004
    Inner Visions Southern Comfort Basement Records BRSS52
    Moving Shadow Storm From The East 2 LP Moving Shadow ASHADOW8LP
    ADN Mr White Vendome Records VDM001
    Justice - Pseudo Jazz EP II Synthetic Pleasure Basement Records BRSS59
    Peshay Predator Metalheadz METH026
    Panacea Tron Chrome CHROME6
    Panacea Stormbringer Chrome CHROME7
    Panacea The Day After Chrome CHROME8
    Dillinja/Lemon D Violent Killa Valve VLV001
    Terminal Outkasts Personal Frontline FRONT024
    Geheimwaffe 4 Pole Don Q DQ10
    Pascal & Phantasy Terradaktil (Future Forces Remix) Frontline FRONT028
    NOHA Start (Optical Remix) NOISE1
    Lexis Endurance Certificate 18 CERT1824
    Kriss FM Brief Relapse Future Tense FT001
    Axis 99 Hours Celluloid Records CELL002
    Vision Well Defined Bud Recordings BUD002
    Helen T Featuring Earl Earl's Dream Integrated Digial Music IDM06
    Twisted Elements Urban Flavour UF12007
    Roni Size Reprazent Heroes (Roni Size Live Mix) Talkin Loud TLX25
    Mental Power Twister Formation FORM12070
    Christoph Fringeli & Pure Dark Star Subversion SUBVERSION001
    Souljah Urbanology LP Hardleaders HLLP3
    Grooverider Presents The Prototype Years LP Prototype XPR2339
    Cybernet vs Genetix Cyborg Two Emotif Recordings EMF012
    Pressure Drop - My Friend Uncut Anger Pressure Drop HAND40T2
    Cybernet vs Genetix Cyborg One Emotif Recordings EMF011
    Panacea Hybris Chrome CHROME15
    Optical Shape The Future Metalheadz METH027
    The Previous - Source EP Opera Tortured Records PAIN005
    Various The Compilation EP - The Third Bass Reload Records RL972105
    Dune Pentagon City Basement Records BRSS062
    Dune The Blade Basement Records BRSS060
    J Majik Repertoire Metalheadz METH028
    Kraken Illusions Under Fire Recordings UDFR002
    Kraken Connections Under Fire Recordings UDFR004
    Embee Computer Rock Juice Records ECIUJ012
    MTS Hard Disk Juice Records ECIUJ009
    Embee Get Funky In The Place Juice Records ECIUJ010
    Peshay Jah (VIP Rollers Mix) Razors Edge RAZORS002
    Dilinja Deadly Deep Subs (Remix)
    Goldie Kemistry VIP (Remixed by Grooverider) Razors Edge RAZORS004
    J Majik Your Sound (Remix)
    Rufige Kru Dark Metal Razors Edge RAZORS005
    Source Direct Stonekiller
    ?? ?? ?? DOSS12009
    Technical Itch Retribution Penetration Records TIP021
    Dennis Brown Featuring Desert Storm (3)/Dextrous Whip Dem Saxon Records 12" SAX015
    Collective Mindz Mindz Based on Bass BOB004
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    Offers invited on these or otherwise advice on how/where I might manage to sell them appreciated.
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    try discogs if u aint already mate
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    Yeh but I really was hoping to avoid trying to sell them one by one as I don't really have the time. I would be happy to sell them at a price where someone else could make a profit doing that. The only other thought I had was maybe to goup them so maybe sell all the Metalheadz as one lot, all the Moving Shadow etc etc.
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    selling one by one isn't as bad as you think. most of my orders have been for more than 1 record anyway.

    get yourself some of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/100-12-PE...TIFFENERS-FREE24h-/360276017163#ht_1591wt_971

    its a bit of work responding to emails and going to the post office every few days
    but with that collection you will smash the £350 asking price and you might enjoy doing it

    i'd be tempted to buy them off you and sell on myself, but i would offer you less than £350
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    Thanks for your advice. I work from home which makes it easy enough to do but also distracts me from the work I should be doing. Feel free to make me an offer. I also have a hard house/techno collection!

    I am also concerned about what's involved. I would need to work out how to list them, if photos are needed etc and how long it would take. Postage costs time taken sending etc etc and see what I would be likely to get. If I could get an idea of the time involved and the net return I could work out if I should do it myself and also get an idea what a fair price to sell them in bulk is for it to be worthwhile someone esle doing the same.
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    I just took your advice and uploaded them onto discogs. As I needed to check the prices I did them one by one rather than using a csv file. I also ordered some sleeves for postage. I figured that if it goes ok and I can be bothered with the hassle then great but if not I can always provide the exported csv file with a bulk sale to save the buyer a lot of time and effort in listing them themselves. They'd just upload the inventory and check/amend the prices as they wish.
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    These are all for sale on discogs now under the same user name. A few have gone already though I am already having trouble with non paying buyers!! Offers invited.
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