Drum N Bass And Hip Hop At The Registry On Thursday Night!!!!!


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Oct 7, 2002
Everyone come down the registry on thursday night!!!

we got a ash up of music going on featuring:

Panoramix (go-off)
Lokki (context)
Will chump (delight)

plus a couple of silly bands!!!! ha ha!

shuld be good and its open till 2am!!! also all drinks are cheap! and its only £3.00!

I have been geeting myself into trouble recently! i have gone around all the uni buildings and stuck these flyers over the uni ball ones!!! haha!

the thing is tho that they have booked....Blue! to play! oh my fuking jesus god fukin christ! what a fukin bunch of shit!!!

so i went round and stuck posters saying :

'Blue are gay! come to the reg on thurs fuck the shite ball...
what a load of Ball-shit!'

on top of all their posters haha! tossers! i got in trouble for that so i told em they were tossers to their faces and said that they thought uni was full of fukin pricks or summin? which in fact it actually is!!!! i fukin hate student cu+*s! (yes i am onlky part time!) :drunk: :chainsaw:
at least 40 quid plus you gotta wear a tux which is like anotherv 50 quid! and all the drinks are expensive too! i have never been and never will!

portsmouth uni is run by a bunch of @%***

:tosser: :tosser:
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