Drum eq - Boosts, dips and cutoffs

Discussion in 'Production' started by CH3SH, Mar 19, 2010.

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    What are your advised frequency boosts, dips and cutoffs for your drums and percussions?
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    where they lie... usually use a spectral analiser to check where the drums peak and give em a boost there (normally around 80hz for kick 120/130hz for snare)... roll off kick below where it peaks, snare roll off pretty much same as the kick to keep that wieght and hats/perscussion are so varied it depends on piece to piece, and mixdown to mixdown.

    tend to roll off breaks with a heavy kick drum in about 900hz to bring out the brightness and remove muddyness on the drums?

    hope that helps?
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    the problem here is not boosting or cutting off... you know typical PENDUsnare (boost 200hz), adding feel to snare (500hz scoop), or adding pressence (1,2 khz).
    The problem is... FIRST get a GOOD sounding sample... most of the time you'll find that you don't need any eq, compression nor any effects... just layering 2 snares or 1kick+1rimshot and you'll get the sound that you want.

    The next thing is to get rid from frequencies you don't like. When your drums aren't fitting your song, the first issue will be the mixdown of the drumset, and then the mixdown with the whole song.
    A good mixdown can make things sound marvelous.
    And a final point is to have all the drums sounding like from "the same" drum set and same space (feels more natural). This is, when you get a sample from this samplepack, and this other from the other samplepack it's more like your break will sound strange.

    Last thing: Never ever take anything as 100% true, or unbreakable. Even all what I said may not work for you.
    Everything is about practising.

    It all depends on the sound you want to achieve or the feeling you want to express. ;)