Drum & Bass

Mr Fletch

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Before I even click play, I know what to expect from you now, which is a good thing. I just wish you would give a little insight into the track, and yourself for that matter. Get involved with the community a little more y'know? All your tracks posted here are always just labelled "Drum and Bass". You dont tell us anything about yourself, how the track came about etc. Dont see you offering help or suggestions to anyone else here. You're a good, solid producer, and this community could benefit greatly from a little input from yourself every now and again.

Anyway, I'm gonna shut up now and click play.......

Yep, there's those disgustingly dark atmospheres and piercing drumwork I was expecting......Nice build up.......good drum roll.......And some more amazing bass work! Out of curiosity, do you resample to get your basses like that?