DnB Drum & Bass with Bass Guitar Loop


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Mar 7, 2012
Hi guys, I'm selling shoes from CHINA :) KIDDING

I need some music raccomendations.

I'm trying to make some played drum and bass with a friend of mine.

Actually I'm not sure if "played" is the right word to explain it, so I say it in another way: we'd like to play some LIVE drum&bass with real instruments.

My friend plays the bass guitar so we're looking for songs with a strong bass guitar bassline.

I used to have some cds but I lost them (long and sad story) and unfortunately I don't remember the name of the artists.

So I ask you if you could please raccomend some dnb songs with a good bass guitar bassline.

Thanks you and sorry for my English (you know Italian... pizza mandolin etc :) )
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