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Hi all,

I'm new on here but I have a load of old tape packes that I'm selling and thought that this might be the best place to try.

Looking for offers on the following:

Helter Skelter & Club Sidewinder 'The Boys Are Back In Town' 12 Pack
Recorded Saturday 3rd March 2001

DJ's: Grooverider, Andy C B2B Mampi Swift, Jumping Jack Frost B2B Randall, Mickey Finn (classic drum & bass set), Hype (3 decks), DJ Markee (Brazil), Bad Company, Brockie (TAPE MISSING), Kenny Ken, Swanee ('98 drum & bass set), DJ SS, Ratty ('97 drum & bass set), Barrington B2B Concrete, Fluid B2B Flava Unit, Dangerous D B2B Marcus Black
MC's: GQ, Fearless, Shabba, Dett, Fats, Juiceman, Fatman D, Foxy, Spyda, Bassman, MC MC, Five Alive & IC3

Helter Skelter & Club Sidewinder 'Accelerated Culture' 12 Pack
Recorded Saturday 12th May 2001

DJ's: Roni Size & MC Dynamite, Grooverider, Mampi Swift, Frenzic, Zinc, Hype (3 dex), Nicky Blackmarket (classic drum & bass set), Mickey Finn, Andy C, Kenny Ken, Dangerous D B2B Marcus Black, Barrington B2B Concrete, Garry K, Ellis Dee (97-98 drum & bass set), Bad Company, Dollar B2B Ital (Kool FM), Darren Jay (classic drum & bass set) Brockie (TAPE MISSING), Randall, Jumping Jack Frost
MC's: IC3, Fatman D, Juiceman, GQ, Skibadee, Shabba, Fearless, MC MC, Presha, Five Alive, Man Parris, Craig 'Dangerous' Lee, Fever, Dett, Fats, Melody & Willis MC

Helter Skelter & Club Sidewinder 'Accelerated Culture 2 - Global Gathering' 12 Pack
Recorded Saturday 28th July 2001

DJ's: Nicky Blackmarket, Dollar & Garry K, Jumpin Jack Frost, Ray Keith, Zinc, Grooverider, Hype, Andy C, Mampi Swift, Mickey Finn, Bad Company, Digital, Brockie & Kenny Ken
MC's: Skibadee, Fearless, GQ, Dett, Man Parris, Five Alive, Presha, Shabba, IC3, Foxy, Juiceman, MC MC & The Ragga Twins

Helter Skelter & Club Sidewinder 'Accelerated Culture 3 - The Mother Of All Partys' 12 Pack
Recorded Saturday 25th August 2001

DJ's: Hazzard, Andy C, Hype, Mickey Finn, DJ Ron, Ray Keith, Nicky Blackmarket, Jumpin Jack Frost, Magikstar DJ Set, Rat Pack, Brockie, Zinc, Ratty, Swift, Swan-E, Technical Itch, Simon 'Bassline' Smith, Randall, Dollar B2B Garry K, Code Red B2B Dangerous-D, DJ Loop-P, Dougal, Slipmatt, SY, Vibes & MRB
MC's: Foxy, Fatman D, Sup MC, Riddla, Man Parris, Presha, GQ, Shabba, Dett, Fearless, Magika, Foxy, Fatman D

Helter Skelter & Club Sidewinder 'Accelerated Culture' 12 Pack
Recorded Saturday 13th October 2001

DJ's: The Rat Pack (classic drum & bass set),
Jumpin Jack Frost, Brockie B2B Ital (Kool FM), Donovan 'Bad Boy' Smith (classic drum & bass set), Dazzee, Swanee, DJ SS, Ratty, Dollar, Dangerous D, Escape & Dopeski, Marcus Black, DJ Krust, Grooverider (drum & bass classics), Digital, Hype, Zinc, Andy C, Nicky Blackmarket (drum & bass classics), Mickey Finn, Mampi Swift, Kenny Ken, Garry K
MC's: Dett, Riddla, Presha, IC3, Fatman D, Eksman, Long John, Fever, Shortson, Irie, Shabba, GQ, Fearless, Rage, Juiceman, Spyda, MC MC, Foxy, Five Alive & MC Fun

One Nation & Slammin' Vinyl 'New Years Eve 2002' 12 Pack
Recorded @ The Sanctuary Warehouses NYE 2002

DJ's: Hype, Grooverider, Andy C, Bad Company, Nicky Blackmarket, Brockie, Randall, Ray Keith, Zinc, Phantasy, Swan-E
MC's: GQ, Fearless, Shabba, Fatman D, Foxy, Det, Sugars & Five Alive

Slammin' Vinyl 'Drum & Bass 8-Pack'
Recorded @ Bagleys Warehouse Friday 7th April 2000

DJ's: Mickey Finn, JJ Frost, Ed Rush, Brockie, Nicky Blackmarket, Bad Company, Ash Attack & Phantasy
MC's: Skibadee, Dett, Five 'O', Fearless

INNOVATION 'The Easter Showcase' 8-Pack
Recorded @ Mass Nightclub 11th April 2000
*RARE - This is the Innovation tape pack with the Faberge Egg on the front and also the original black cassettes*

DJ's: Fabio, Mickey Finn, Optical, Andy C, DJ Hype, Brockie, Bad Company & Ray Keith
MC's: Flux, Navigator, Ryme Tyme & Dett

INNOVATION 'The Drum & Bass Special' 8 Pack
Recorded @ The Rex Music Arena

DJ's: Mickey Finn, Kenny ken, Andy C, Swift, Hype, Brockie, Ed Rush, Nicky Blackmarket, Darren Jay & Red One
MC's: Skibadee, Dett, Shabba, Fearless, IC3, Shocking & Fun

INNOVATION 'The Drum & Bass Special Part 2' 8 Pack
Recorded @ The Rex Music Arena
*RARE - Blue Cassettes*

DJ's: Grooverider, Digital, Andy C, Brockie, Swift, Bad Company, Darren Jay & Special K
MC's: Shabba, Skibadee, Dett, IC3, Fearless, Moose, Foxy, Fatman D, Fun, Rizla & Eksman

INNOVATION & WARNING @The Drum & BAss 7th Birthday Showcase'
Recorded @ The Rex Music Arena
*RARE - Red cassettes*

DJ's: Mickey Finn, Hype, Ed Rush, Randall, Swift, Nicky Blackmarket, Trace, Total Science, Brockie & Kenny Ken
MC's: Skibbadee, Det, Navigator, Shabba, IC3, Foxy, Fatman D, Moose, GQ, Rizla, Five Alive & Eksman

Telepathy 'Live Sessions' 8 Pack
Recorded @ The Temple & Capitol Club

DJ's: Grooverider, Darren J, Andy C, Brockie, Hype, Probe, Swift & Phantasy
MC's: Bassman, Shabba, Skibadee, Locki, Riddla & IC3

The Best of British '2nd Birthday Drum & Bass Showdown' 8 Pack
Recorded @ Bagleys Film Studios on Friday 9th March 2001

DJ's: Mampi Swift Vs Zinc, Kenny ken Vs Darren Jay, Brockie Vs Shy FX, Nicky Blackmarket, R-Type Vs Playa, Wildchild Vs Spice,
Special K Vs Profile & Cue-T
MC's: Foxy, 5ive'O', Skibadee, Fatman D, GQ, Ragga Twins, Riddla, IC3, Det, Fearless, Flight, Eksman & Rizzla


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an odd request,but i couldnt find this on any other website.

i got a bad company mixtape from innovation.its called 6th birthday valentine special, if theres anyone out there who has it, any chance you could i.d the track at 10 minutes in?its the track before 'the nine'

Rare Max

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Alrite pal

Ive been looking for innovation the Drum n bass special kenny ken tape for ages. Could i buy a digitalised copy of the kenny ken tape cassette from you please?

INNOVATION 'The Drum & Bass Special' 8 Pack
Recorded @ The Rex Music Arena

DJ's: Mickey Finn, Kenny ken, Andy C, Swift, Hype, Brockie, Ed Rush, Nicky Blackmarket, Darren Jay & Red One
MC's: Skibadee, Dett, Shabba, Fearless, IC3, Shocking & Fun


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Hi do u still have innovation drum and bass special part 2 for sell if u do i really like to buy it of u. Here my email adderss if u do ( and r all the tapes in the tape pack?.

Thanks Jason